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How To: High-To-Low Cable Fly

3 Golden Rules

Today I’m going to give you some quick tips to help clean up your form on the HIGH-TO-LOW Cable Chest Fly.     Golden Rule #1: Maintain Proper Alignment This is because a slight shift in...

This is How YOU BUILD Massive Quads


I think most people don’t get excited about training legs because they take on too many muscle groups at once. Listen, it’s ok to split your leg training into multiple days and in today’s article...

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Building Your Meal Plan!

Learn How To Calculate Your Daily Protein, Carb & Fat Needs To Reach Your Goals!

The MEAL PLAN! It seems like this topic has been blown so out of proportion, with so many different “tricks” over the years, that a lot of us just say “whatever” when it comes to counting their...

How To Build More Visible & Blocky Abs!

Learn The Secrets That Helped Me Build My Six-Pack & Obliques!

If you are looking to build more visible and blocky abs, then is time to boost the intensity of your abdominal workouts! Anyone can drop their bodyfat percentage to begin to see abs. But if you...

Improve Your Chest Development!

Quick Tips To Building A Massive Chest!

If you’re anything like me your chest hasn’t been gifted in the genetics department. Don’t despair though; here are some tips in order to get a chest even Scott Herman himself would be envious...

How To Build A Massive Neck & Traps!

All Secrets Revealed!

It’s been commonly accepted that Monday is international chest day. Upon entering the gym, It’s a known fact that the dumbbells and bench press stations will be taken. If asking a fellow gym bro...

Don't Do Chest Flys Like This!

Instant Fix!

There is a right way and a very wrong way to do chest flys. A lot of people stay away from this exercise, and there are videos online saying not to do this exercise because you’ll get injured,...