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I know what it’s like to FEEL LOST in the midst of all the information that’s available online. There are 10 different ways to perform the same exercises and you’re LEFT IN THE DARK wondering if you’re going to make gains, waste your time or hurt yourself. Well, that’s where my personalized ONE-ON-ONE COACHING comes in.

online coaching

Let’s work together to ensure you’re eating right, training correctly and have a realistic time frame to reach your goals! With my online training we’ll go over everything from your daily MEAL PLAN & WEEKLY WORKOUT ROUTINE to overcoming obstacles that may be holding you back such as injuries and equipment limitations.

For some of you we’ll have to overhaul your entire workout program and meal plan. But for others, it could come down to just a few simple mistakes that are holding you back from reaching your current muscle building or fat loss goals.


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If you’re anything like me you were in great shape in high school and through your mid-20’s. But after a half-dozen years of focusing on marriage, kids, the career, and all that goes along with it, I was getting progressively fatter and slower. I knew I wasn’t in great shape anymore but my self-perception was stubbornly holding on to what I once was. It wasn’t until my eldest son asked me if I ever had a six-pack that I was forced to reconcile my delusional self-perception with my true outward appearance. It was time for me to make a decision: Either chart a new course or continue submitting to the fitness chokehold of adult life.[Read More]

Scott was instrumental in charting this new course. I had watched a few of his videos over the years on YouTube and appreciated his no-bullshit approach to fitness. It decided to reach out to Scott and purchased the Skype consultation and the follow-on email support. He was accommodating and attentive. Specifically, he addressed my questions and concerns regarding working out with my lower back and knee issues. I told him what my goals were and the hectic schedule I was working with. I received a comprehensive workout program as well as daily nutritional goals.

The program was intense but easy to follow because of all the videos and supplemental materials he gave me to reference. As I progressed through the program we made a few minor adjustments to ensure I was achieving maximum results. I re-watched the relevant videos after a few weeks in the program and was able to pick up on the more nuanced recommendations Scott made. These little tweaks made a big difference.
The combination of my hard work and Scott’s professional guidance was a success. It’s been a pleasure working with Scott and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Grant R.
Washington D.C.
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~ Grant

Scott is a genuine man of integrity that is here wanting and trying hard every day to help the fitness community to achieve their best self and goals, with honest, tested and true workouts, programs, tips, and information that generates the most optimum results! Even more so than that, Scott Herman is very active and approachable in his community and is always interacting with his followers and clients and it shows in this website and app. [Read More]

His workout programs are very effective and with his expertise and knowledge, they are wide ranging to reach everyone with any kind of fitness goal. And with over 800 workouts and programs combined, and an easy to use search feature for each individual muscle group and exercise, you can find exactly what you are looking for to make the right gains with proper instructions and guidance.

His meal planner is very well organized and easy to use to track your macros and food intake and there is even a very extensive list of foods that you can cook with all of the information on how to prep it and all the macros listed!

My only regret is that I did not know of him sooner.  Many Thanks Scott Herman! You are a true gem in the fitness industry, and I appreciate very much all of the hard work you put into helping others, such as myself!
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~ Kris

Hi Scott,

I saw your testimonials page and really wanted to share my before and after because in some way it is "Scott" built lol. It really wasn't until I started watching your videos and applying techniques that you demonstrate, that I started to see more growth. I've learned so much from you and I thank you so much. I find that the content you provide is so useful! Whenever I want to look something up or re-visit technique, yours is the first site I visit. I also copy links to your videos to friends who ask me about training.  [Read More] Oh .. and I love your "Insta-Gahhhbage" stuff. All I have to say is "if you still look cute at the end of your workout, girl you're probably not dong it right". lol. Badass is sexy.

Thanks again!! 

41 year old, full time working mom, business owner, ex sugar addict...  and Scott fan. 
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~ Ginette


~ Abdullah Alhalwajy

How Does My Coaching Work?

To ensure you’re not only get started correctly, but also continuing to see progress, each consultation package includes an initial “60 MINUTE SKYPE VIDEO CHAT” as well as “1 VIDEO CHECK-IN” each week over the course of a month (30 days). This way you’ll be able to complete an entire week of tracking your eating and workouts before each CHECK-IN and that information will be used to help make adjustments when needed.

60 Minute Skype Video Chat
1 Video Check in Each Week
Help You Make Adjustments
Camaro Jane

These adjustments include:

  • Updating Macro Ratios (Protein, Carbs, Fat) as you lose fat/gain muscle
  • Adjusting routines to ensure they fit your available time to train.
  • Critiquing & Correcting Exercise Form (You Will Film Yourself Training)
  • Switching out exercises as needed due to an injury or unavailability.
  • Adjusting program to target specific areas that need more focus in regards to muscle or strength building.

Don’t ever think that you are a lost cause or that getting on track is difficult. Usually the only thing holding someone back from reach their goals is proper guidance and support and I promise to be your NUMBER1 supporter throughout your fitness journey!

For more information on how to GET STAHHHTED, please fill out the contact form below!

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Now “Let’s Reach Your Goals Together!”