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  1. About Muscular Strength was founded by Scott Herman and Erica Stibich in 2014 but started as in 2007.

As personal trainer at the time, Scott realized that many people at his gym could not afford individual training sessions. With the intent to help unprivileged people achieve their fitness goals, Scott started filming exercise demonstration videos in his tiny apartment in New York.  These videos were posted on his YouTube channel and on the Scott Herman Fitness site. Over the years, the community grew, resulting in a Social Media following of over one million people from all over the world!

This community has been carefully monitored over time to make sure we are surrounded by positive and supportive members. The goal is to inform, help and motivate. There is no room for negativity here. And we take that very seriously!

We also believe that everyone has something valuable to offer and this wouldn't be a true community if our members were not involved. We want you to be an active part of the site! Whether it be by submitting recipes, posting articles, chatting with people on the forums, or being part of the affiliate program, you are just as important as any other contributor! is not just a website, we are a community with real people that you can count on to stand by your side during the tough times and the victories.

We stand for:





Welcome to your new fitness family! See you on the site!

Scott Herman & Erica Stibich