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By Scott Herman Published 

My gym was packed, I just finished training BACK with 5 amazing exercises (Weighted Pull-Ups, Barbell Bent-Over Row, Reverse-Grip Pulldowns, Single-Arm DB Bent Over Row and pullovers) and it was time to tear up BICEPS and go home to a delicious meal.

But there was one problem… EVERYTHING I like to do was currently in use.  All the biceps machines were taken, all the benches by the dumbbell rack were gone and most of the pre-made bars were being used as well!

So I said, oh well, lets do something I haven’t done in a while.  So I grabbed a light curl bar, a pair of dumbbells and got to work!


For this MUSCLE BUILDING Biceps workout you’re going to perform 4 SUPER-SETS (completing both exercises back-to-back), resting only 2 minutes between sets and because “heavy weight” isn’t an option we’re going to focus on Metabolic Stress and Muscle Damage for our muscle building mechanisms!


EXERCISE 1 (20 reps): BENT-OVER Spider-Man Curl

To perform this movement, you’re going to bend over while holding a curl bar by pushing your hips “back”.  Do not just bend over at the waist as this is going to put unwanted pressure on your lower back.  Once in place, while keeping your upper arm vertical, you’re going to curl the bar up to your chin.  Then from here you’re going to lower the bar back to a full extension of your elbow and repeat for reps.

Make sure that your upper arm stays VERTICAL throughout the entire rep as you WILL have to fight against the weight of the barbell as you lower it from your chin to ensure your elbows do not travel backwards!



EXERCISE 2 (8 – 10 reps): Dumbbell Hammer Curl
For this movement we’re going to lift the dumbbells one arm at a time.  However, you want to keep the same thing in mind when it comes to elbow placement.  It’s very important that you keep your upper arm vertical as you move the dumbbells up and down.


If you allow your elbow to travel backwards behind your hips as you lower the weight you’re essentially removing tension from the biceps.  So to ensure you train your biceps as hard as you can, stay aware of your elbow placement throughout the entire set!

If you give it your all and push your limits, you will see just how effective a higher rep workout combined with a proper superset can be.

But why did I choose these two exercises?  Simple, the barbell curl will train both the longhead and short head of the biceps and the hammer curl (while still training biceps) will target more of the brachialis giving us a complete workout.

Also, keep in mind that I did this AFTER training my back with quite a bit of intensity meaning that my biceps were already torn up from all the pulling movements.  So even though I was not able to focus on mechanical tension (heavy weight) for biceps.  They still got hammered pretty hard on the back movements.

Train smart and if you are in need of a new workout program you can try any of mine for free.  I recommend starting with my 5-Day split! It’s my favorite!

Train hard!

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