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Increase Your Chest Size & Strength NATURALLY in 7 Days!

Fascia Stretch Training Explained

By Scott Herman Published 

Alright, so CHEST GAINS.  How can we POSSIBBLY increase your size and strength in 7 DAYS without the help of PEDs? Well, size and strength are relative terms.  If you read the title to this series and expected I was going to show you how to put 4inches on your chest in one week, well then I’m glad you are here because you’ve got A LOT to learn and I don’t mind teaching you.



Now just like the other articles in this series, the training technique I am going to show you today utilizes a MASSIVE PUMP to help spark more growth over time by stretching the “fascia” around stubborn muscles while also improving your mind-muscle connection.

 Oh, and one more thing guys. This routine I’m about to share with you, do it AFTER your chest workout. So, if Monday is chest day for you, do this quick routine AFTER your normal training when your chest is already pumped up.


Exercise #1 - Plate Press (4 Sets: 10 – 12 Reps) (Rest 45 seconds between sets)

But don’t just grab the heaviest plate you can find.  

For this movement to be effective you need to press TWO PLATES TOGETHER.  This is because you’ll be able to force a much harder contraction in your chest during your reps due to that if you stop creating INWARD pressure on the plates as you press them up and down, they will slip and possibly fall.

So if you have never done this before use 5s or 10s or a combination of both and after you complete your reps make sure you STICK TO THE REST PERIODS.  

 How much you are lifting doesn’t matter here, what matters is the PUMP in your chest because the bigger the pump, the more stretch we can put on the fascia with the next exercise.


Exercise #2 – Dumbbell Chest Fly (3 Sets: 2 – 3 Reps w/ 20’’ hold) (Rest 60 – 90 seconds between sets)

 So it should go without saying that you will be using LIGHT WEIGHTS here.  It might not seem like much on video, but a 20 second hold is a long time.   Most of you can’t even hold a stomach vacuum that long. So be safe, protect your shoulders and keep the weight just heavy enough to be able to sit in that DEEP STRETCH safely at the bottom of the movement.


Begin with the dumbbells over your chest, slowly control the negative and when you reach a comfortable stretch, HOLD that stretch for 20 seconds. You do NOT need to over-stretch your chest here guys and risk a shoulder or pec injury. Just stick to the degree of stretch you feel most comfortable with.

Now, this is gonna burn LIKE CRAZY! But it will be worth it, I promise!


Half Push-Up Isometric Holds

BONUS EXERCISE TIME! If you can still move your arms, get down on the floor and assume the push-up position because we are going to do (3 Sets: 4 Reps w/ 5’ second holds) of the “Half Push-Up”.

For this exercise all you need to do is simply lower yourself half-way down, HOLD that position for 5 seconds, slowly return to the top and complete 3 more reps of the 5 second holds.

Now like I said this is a bonus exercise.  We’ve already pumped up the chest with exercise 1, then we stretched the fascia with exercise 2, and now we are just trying to force the fascia to expand even further by holding an isometric contraction and pushing even more blood into the chest muscles. So if you have never done anything this intense before, save the bonus exercise until you’ve tried this workout a few times first.


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