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Location: Orlando, FL Gender: Male Neck: 16 in Chest: 43.5 in Goal: Bodybuilding Forearm: 13.5 in Hip: 38 in Age: 39 Calve 15.5 in Shoulder: 48.5 in Height: 5'10" Arm: 16.25 in Waist: 31.5 in Weight: 177 lbs Thigh: 23 in Body Fat: 7%
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My journey into fitness began when I was twelve. I was a quiet as a kid and constantly picked on by my older brother and his friends. I found comfort in the solitude of my basement surrounded by nothing but my music and my Dad’s old weight set. When I was fourteen one of my friends on the wrestling team asked me if I wanted to work with him at a local gym on the weekend for a free membership. Having started to outgrow my basement gym, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to earn a free membership. From that point on I was hooked. As I got older and learned more about fitness the need to want to share my knowledge and help others grew as well. When I turned eighteen I became a certified personal trainer. I love helping people; it is what I was meant to do. When I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management I transitioned form fulltime trainer to General Manager of the club I was working in called “Answer Is Fitness”. It was at Answer Is Fitness that I realized my true potential and started ScottHermanFitness, LLC. It began as a way for me to help members for FREE to learn how to use the equipment in the gym if they couldn’t afford a training. Now we are a global business helping more people than I ever thought possible. I am very thankful for not only the opportunity to run a successful business, but to have the opportunity to help complete strangers on the other side of the world.

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