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Bigger Bicep Peaks Now!

Switch Up Your Workout With This Great Exercise!

Posted by Scott_Herman - July 18th, 2015

Many of us fall into performing the same routine of the same 3 – 4 exercises per bodypart. When this happens not only do your gains begin to slow down, but you will find yourself eventually plateauing as well.

If your bicep workout needs something new and you want to work on improving your overall bicep peak, the Standing Double Bicep Cable Curl is a great exercise to add to your arsenal.

Add this exercise to your next bicep workout!

  • 3 sets: 10 – 12 reps
  • Rest 60 – 90 seconds MAX between sets!

Starting Position:

  1. Find a cable machine and raise the pulleys slighter higher than your shoulders.
  2. Reach out and grab the handles attached to the cables and make sure that you are evenly spaced between them.


  1. Once in place turn your palms so they face the ceiling and begin to simultaneously curl both arms.
  2. As you curl your arms, make sure your elbows do not push backwards. If they do you will bring more shoulders into the exercise.
  3. As soon as you curl both arms in toward your head, slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

Special Note: Use light weight for this exercise. The goal here is to focus on a hard contraction of your biceps with each repetition. If you go too heavy you will lose form and not maximize the benefits of the exercise.

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For years I have tried and practised many bicep exercises and while I lack in mass, in my opinion, I feel that I make up for that...


Why aren't my biceps growing? I just turned 51 and I'm a newbie lifter. I'm too old to be expecting any type of hypertrophy.

Dave_Diesel  Edit  Delete  Close

It's certainly possible when growth hormone and testosterone levels are in the normal range, whatever the age - there will be increases, but how much largely depends on the exercise and nutrition plan - I like full body exercises myself.

Whilst I'm not a huge fan of this woman's interview skills (she wouldn't let the doctor explain properly and had no idea about healthy ranges for hormones, that deminish through age and can cause other health issues), watch this 3 minute clip from Fox News to show you that it can be done if all variables are accounted for. Sleep, diet and exercise are factors that naturally increase growth hormone. Whatever your goal, you will see improvements as you already are doing!

crood  Edit  Delete  Close

Whilst you can make gains (to a certain extend) while being in a caloric deficit, it becomes of course harder and harder for the body. You will become more defined and surely also shed some fat (hence the veins coming through, but with loosing weight you always loose about 25% muscle mass) but building 'mass' might become logically harder when you do not eat within a small caloric surplus, giving your body an inscentive to actually build more. Musclemass is high maintenance tissue and the body has normally no desire to put on more muscles, when stress (workout) volume or intensity do not requirte so, and rest and recovery (sleep / food) are not on spot. The older we get the more crutial it becomes, especially since growth hormone and testosterone levels go down. A picture might help, but a breakdown of how often per week and with how many reps etc you workout could help even more. (Volume might even be too high / with age intensity is often a better choice).

jcgadfly  Edit  Delete  Close

Dave, I'm on testosterone HRT so that's not an issue either. I'm just of the understanding that after a certain age one isn't going to build a lot of mass. asnd since I didn't start weight training until a few months ago I'm not really expecting much.


Scott is always building new adaptations! This helps build solid recruitment patterns too!


Try putting the cables LOWER than your arms, so that the tension is more direct. I like to set them up around waist height and I keep my arms elevated, never letting them be parallel to the floor.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Sweet tip!  Will try this next time for sure!


Definitely going to try cable curls out now!

Idris  Edit  Delete  Close

cable curls lots of resistence depeding on the weight you pull towards you! Like Scott said "Hit it Hard!"


Another awesome article Scott

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Thanks bro!!  Let me know if you try it!


Biceps I first start with Heavy , Medium, Light weights with forms, standing and sitting, dumbbells and barbells!

Idris  Edit  Delete  Close

Start with Heavy weiights (less sets and rep), Medium weights (equal set and rep), Light weights ( more sets and rep)


Love this exercise, it's like a good excuse to flex infront of everyone


Cable curls are so cool! I haven't done these in a while...might be time to switch it up! Awesome info as usual @scott_herman!