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Location: Bloomington IN Gender: Male Neck: 16 in Chest: 43 in Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 12 in Hip: 40 in Age: 59 Calve 16 in Shoulder: 46 in Height: 5'9" Arm: 14 in Waist: 37.5 in Weight: 185 lbs Thigh: 23 in Body Fat: 21%
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Put simply, I had the correct words of fear put into me by my endocrinologist - "pre-diabetic". With the help of some appetite suppressants, myfitnesspal.com and dragging my butt to the gym 5x/week (in the morning - I hate mornings), I've managed to drop pounds and have more than a few people I know not recognize me (kinda dig that). Now, I'm just trying to keep going.

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