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Location: N/A Gender: Male Neck: 13 in Chest: 33 in Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 9 in Hip: 32 in Age: 24 Calve 13 in Shoulder: 40 in Height: 5'8" Arm: 10 in Waist: 29 in Weight: 150 lbs Thigh: 22 in Body Fat: N/A%
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My story is a long one... In 2013 I had severe depression and anxiety which led to several other health problems including severe weight loss... When I recovered mentally, I wanted to recover physically. On November 21st, 2013, I began my fitness journey. Fast-forward to today the start of 2015 and fitness and health are my life. I discovered powerlifting in late October of 2014 and competed in my first meet on December 20th. Weighing in at 128lbs, I set 3 NASA Powerlifting (Natural Athlete Strength Association) Illinois state records in the unequipped powerlifting Teenage 132lbs division. Squat @ 165.35lbs, Deadlift @ 248.04lbs, and Total @ 518.09lbs. My most recent meet was on March 7. Since January, however, I've been fighting a relatively constant battle with back problems. in the course of three months, I strained three different spots in my lower back. One of which was a severe strain. My chiropractor could not identify what the problem was, so he has since sent me to a sports injury specialist/physical therapist who has discovered that I have a very... F'd up body. The issues have been pinpointed and I started physical therapy a few weeks ago. within a week of PT I found myself feeling strong again and have added 20+ lbs to both my squat and deadlift in the past couple weeks alone. Please follow me on Instagram @Envium_ to learn more about me and follow my progress.

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