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Location: Fayetteville Georgia Gender: Male Neck: 16 in Chest: 43.5 in Goal: Bodybuilding Forearm: 14 in Hip: 42 in Age: 31 Calve 17.5 in Shoulder: 50 in Height: 5'6" Arm: 17.5 in Waist: 32 in Weight: 180 lbs Thigh: 27 in Body Fat: 15%
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I remember when I was a kid I was a bit chubby and out of shape. For some odd reason my parents allowed me to eat to much junk food. When I turned 14 I had finally had enough of being chubby and out of shape. I had always admired anyone with a superior physique even as a kid! I was at my uncle Joel's house one day, and just outside his house he has a home made gym. We were outside by the pool one day and I asked him if anyone ever uses the gym. He said no, not really. So I said to him about we start using it, and he said that's a great idea. We started working out together on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays! From the very first workout we had together I knew it was something I wanted to continue doing the rest of my life! I really loved experiencing the pump for the first time and was immediately hooked! Unfortunately my uncle began to get to busy with work to keep working out with me, but that surely didn't stop me from training! I then got my cousin Jon to start working out with me. As the workouts became easier and I wasn't having to much muscle soreness I decided it was time to add more intense routines and more days of training! Working out made me a lot better at high school football and gave me more over all confidence as well. I now workout 6 days a week with really intense routines! I've been working out for 7 years now and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon! My future goals are to help others reach their goals and to obtain a natural bodybuilding pro card!

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