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Location: N/A Gender: Male Neck: 1 in Chest: 1 in Goal: Bodybuilding Forearm: 1 in Hip: 1 in Age: 27 Calve 1 in Shoulder: 1 in Height: 5'10" Arm: 15.25 in Waist: 1 in Weight: 175 lbs Thigh: 1 in Body Fat: 10%
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My story: When I was about 13-14 during summer I became more aware of the way that I looked. It was summer after all and I had no sixpack, nor any solid muscle on my body. So I simply started doing push ups and sit ups daily, I realize now how great of a start that was, but back then I just did it mostly for fun since I didn't take it serriosly. I can see today that what I did then laid the structure of what I love to do today. My very first goal was the obvious: To have a sixpack. I became EXTREMELY dedicated, I ate healthy and boring food for many months (no cheat meals or snacks). When I was around 15 years old I had the SICKEST six pack of my life, I soon understood how much hard work actually pays of. When my goal was achived I set a new goal, which was to do 100 push ups in a single set. Because of my previos work on push ups this didn't take long. So then came my third goal which was pretty straight foward: TO PUT SOME MUSCLE ON !!! This is a goal that I will work on my entire life but I deffenently have much more mass and sieze now compared to then. For the year 2013 my goal was to gain 5 kg of pure muscle, I gained 7 kg ! I have the biggest passion for taking care of myself and exercising. Needless to say, all the goals I have set in the past have been reached simply because I LOVE this way of life and I would not trade it for anything ! 2016: After 5 years of dedicated training my mindset has changed for sure. I am now much more aware of my ability to perform and to do well in certain exercises. For example muscle ups or one legged squats are great exercises that require a lot of strenght and I see myself focusing a lot more on movements like these instead of heavy bench pressing for instance. My training has also changed, I no longer have a training plan, I simply train the way I want to and the way I feel like. This has been more effective than I could ever have imagined and the results are really good. For example some days I will only do bodyweight exercises, other days I will just run for as long as I can. Point being that I train whatever feels right and fun at any given moment so that no workout becomes boring. I no longer focus that much on appearance because I feel very satisfied with my current look. Obviously I will keep improving, however building muscle or losing weight is no longer a main goal. I focus more on fun and functionality in my workouts. As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said: «It's as satisfying to me as, uh, coming is, you know? As, ah, having sex with a woman and coming. And so can you believe how much I am in heaven? I am like, uh, getting the feeling of coming in a gym.»

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