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Location: New Zealand Gender: Male Neck: 13 in Chest: 33 in Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 10 in Hip: 35 in Age: 29 Calve 12.5 in Shoulder: 41.5 in Height: 1.68 m Arm: 10 in Waist: 29 in Weight: 61 kg Thigh: 19 in Body Fat: N/A%
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Growing up through my early school years I was picked on for my weight, and basically laughed at for saying I wanted to be a professional rugby player. Being big wasn't fun, and in my early teens my weight got to a stage where I realised I needed to do something about my fitness. I got rid of so much excess weight over the course of one year, and suddenly found myself as the super skinny guy who got laughed at for that instead. In 2012 I decided I wanted to start hitting the gym. I wasn't going to be the skinny guy any more. When I started lifting, it was mainly to pack on size for a sport. In order to go far, I needed to get bigger. Going far in that sport was all I wanted to do. But once I started lifting, I found a new passion, lifting weights to build a physique...bodybuilding in other words. I decided I wasn't content with just being in good shape for a sport, I wanted to be in phenomenal shape...the best shape I could be in. When I found Scott Herman Fitness, it was like I found a whole new world. As soon as I started following Scott's videos and joined the site, I not only learned heaps, but I believe I found my calling in life. That is to become a permanent part of the SHF team, if they'll have me. To help with the site, help the community, help grow the community, and TRAIN HARD with the man so many others find inspirational. I want to go to my limits, and push past them to be the best I can be. America is my destination...I'll see you all soon! USA, USA, USA! :D

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