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Location: North Attleboro Gender: Male Neck: 17 in Chest: 42 in Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 12.5 in Hip: 41 in Age: 63 Calve 15.5 in Shoulder: 48 in Height: 5'11" Arm: 13 in Waist: 34 in Weight: 180 lbs Thigh: 22 in Body Fat: 20%
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I started my journey into fitness a little over 5 years ago after deciding only 2 years prior, to live a clean and sober life. I found myself working a twelve step program to learn about the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction and how to best remove the triggers and emotional issues that kept bringing me back to the use and abuse of those substances. Once I felt comfortable implementing those steps into my everyday life, I then focused on the spiritual aspect, which brought me closer to my higher power. Then, in the next phase of my recovery, I discovered that by exercising and losing weight, I would develop more confidence and self esteem. So I joined a gym near my home and started exercising and doing cardio. That is where I met Scott Herman. He corrected my form on an Ab Machine I was misusing, and instructed me on the proper technique. I felt secure in his knowledge of fitness and soon after signed up with him to be my personal trainer. We trained together for over a year and a half, and during that time, Scott asked if I knew how to use a camera. I replied that I knew a little, and he asked if I would take some pictures for his website and Youtube Channel. And from that point on, we developed our relationship from friendship to the business partners. I have learned so much from Scott and continue to educate myself and help bring to the SHF website, Youtube Channel and Facebook Community page, factual, professional and informative content for the members who register with each. Some of my responsibilities include managing the memberships on the website, writing articles, monitoring the Facebook Community Page and researching much of the content that we use on the site. We all work well as a team and pull together our ideas to best meet the needs of our loyal members. My personal goals are to build a better body and focus on strength and endurance training. I try and live each day with positivity and find the good in every person I meet! I never look down on anyone unless I’m helping them up off the floor!

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