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Reach Your TRUE POTENTIAL While Avoiding Overtraining!

Don't Let Working "Too Hard" Slow You Down!

Posted by Scott_Herman - May 17th, 2013

Fitness can be a fickle friend. For weeks you may be a fitness fanatic exercising hard every day and then all of a sudden you don’t want to be anywhere near it. Why does this happen? How do you overcome it? What can you do to be sure this never happens to you?

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The ultimate goal when exercising is to always be improving. Whether trying to lose weight, gain muscle or increase your strength everyone wants results. However, the key to staying focused and not losing your drive is to understand that rest is just as important as the time put in the gym. Without adequate rest your body will not only lose the time it needs to recover properly, but you also will run the risk of overtraining.

Overtraining is the wall most people hit that stops them dead in their tracks. It can lead to a wide variety of symptoms including a high rate of fatigue and depression. If you start to notice these symptoms then it is time to take a break, reassess your meal plan and take a close look at your sleeping habits to ensure you are getting 8 hours a night. If overtraining happens to you, it would be best to take a full week off from exercising and turn your focus to eating healthy and getting enough rest.

So how do you continuously push yourself to new limits while avoiding overtraining? The secret lies within “deload weeks”. A deload week is a week of training, usually after 4 - 6 weeks straight of intense training, where you train with 50 - 60% of your normal intensity. The goal here is to stay active, but mainly just go through the motions. What this does is provide your muscles and CNS (Central Nervous System) the time they need to properly recover. When training in a deload week you still want to make sure you are hydrating and eating just as you would during your normal training. If you do a lot of intense running, it may be a good idea to do low impact cardio to the point of a slow jog.

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Everyone has goals they want to reach and if you put the time into your training, you will definitely reach yours. Just make sure the journey you take to get there is a safe one with no pit stops in Overtraining city! Eat healthy, drink lots of water, sleep well, and remember that Hermanites Train Harder! #HTH

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Always heard that overtraining was nearly impossible (kinda like "metabolic damage") but that over-reaching was doable and (at times) desirable.

jcgadfly  Edit  Delete  Close

So it's an "under-recovery" question, then? 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Most people who "overtrain" are usually undereating and not sleeping enough IMO


Nice Read!


Just read this article @scott_herman and very well stated. I see so many people at the gym at the beginning of the year busting it out everyday and then no where to be found after a month. Also, see so many there cosistently but you can tell their meal plan sucks. Great point about deloading. This has helped me and I come back stronger the next week. Sometimes I will just take a week off but stay somewhat active. It's a good mental break for me. Thanks.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

yeah that's me too @savvvyd, if I dont workout and feel like I pushed my max.. I feel like I am a potatoe. Not good!

SavvvyD  Edit  Delete  Close

Lol I feel like I lost all my hard work when I take a day off lol Great article though, so true. I go through this every once in a while too-I find myself grouchy and dreading a workout when I'm over trained. I'm such a peach to deal with in this mood lol


Very good article! I think this is something people pass over the most. When you get people like us, that want to workout hard and reach new goals, it is hard to slow down and rest. I needed to do this just a few weeks ago and now I feel energized and refreshed!

Great Scott,i thing my body will love this recover,because i dont love to rest for 2-3 day's, week even worse... :)