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Some of the most iconic and best performing sneakers are those designed by athletes. And outside of winning championship games, being named the MVP, or getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, having a signature sneaker is one of the highest honors an athlete can receive. While the sneaker market may have experienced a low during the start of the pandemic, Report Linker reported how the end of 2020 still saw it valued at $99.61 billion. With its growth trajectory at 4.56%, sneaker enthusiasts and athletes can expect even more releases. If you’re looking for an athlete-designed shoe for your next game, then here are some of the best sneakers released over the years that can boost your performance:

Nike - Air Jordan I

Jordans are iconic in their own right, but nothing beats the Air Jordan 1. Michael Jordan originally wanted to work with Adidas, but that wasn't an option at the time since the company was going through turbulent changes. The partnership with Nike still became a massive success, spawning different models over the past 35 years, and it continues to come out with more collaborations.

The shoe has great traction, and the full leather uppers add sturdiness to the sneaker. It also fits well, offering great lockdown at the heel and the midfoot. Perhaps the only things lacking for this iconic shoe are better cushioning and support. Despite this, they continue to be one of the most comfortable sneakers to wear. Air Jordans also dominate the top lists for highest-sold sneaker collaborations in the world.

Saysh - Saysh One

Allyson Felix may be a familiar name for those who have closely followed the Olympics. Felix was also known for leaving Nike in 2019 to be part of Gap’s Athlete family due to the former brand’s lack of support for pregnant athletes. This year, she makes history again by launching sneaker & apparel company Saysh, a new lifestyle brand created by women for women. She explains that it’s “really about meeting women where they are. That was the biggest thing… hearing from other women across industries.”

The Saysh One is an iconic new everyday sneaker that is designed to fit the form of the female foot. It offers both support and comfort for everyday activity. It stands as a truly iconic creation considering the break with Nike and an all-female team.

Under Armour - Curry

Yet another athlete who broke away with Nike, Stephen Curry has been known for bringing unknown brands into the basketball world. His sudden popularity and success led to the popularity of his Under Armour Curry sneaker series as well.

The Curry 8 is one of the best performing in the line-up, with an all-foam outsole that provides excellent traction. The cushion is also comfortable while providing a good feel of the court as well as exceptional support. If you’re looking for a performance basketball shoe outside of Nike and Adidas, then any one of the Under Armour Curry line might just surprise you.

Adidas - The Kobe

The Adidas Kobe was actually inspired by a car: the Audi TT Roadster. Its black and white sleek design made the shoe stand out on the court. The shoe became even more iconic since Kobe’s first championship happened while wearing these sneakers. The collar and lowered heel counter were built with breaks to provide enough ankle support and flexibility. The shoe’s cushioning was made of adiPRENE+ to make it comfortable for long periods of running and jumping. Overall, it’s a shoe with great traction, support, fit, and a sleek look that will perform well on the court.

Having the right shoe for your performance is just as important as doing the right exercises. As we discuss on in our article ‘5 Back Exercises You MUST TRY to Force Muscle Growth’, the right training should get your muscles stronger and ready for your A-game, but good shoes and gear can help improve your physical performance.

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