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Oblique Workouts Made Me Fat!

You Don't Honestly Believe This Rubbish? Do you?

Posted by Scott_Herman - June 13th, 2014

Since the dawn of marketing fitness products there have been companies who have tried to single out those looking to lose weight, but scared of doing abdominal crunches for fear of looking bigger in the waist area.

These companies exploit this fear to sell their products with claims like:

“Don’t do crunches and look bigger… just buy our product! We can target that layer of fat over your abdominal muscles so you only lose inches off your waist! Problem Solved!”

Don’t be fooled by this cheap trick. The amount of time needed to build enough muscle in you core (abs / obliques / lower back) to even possibly “push” your fat forward is quite substantial. You have to realize that it’s important to train your entire core, especially as a beginner, because your core is the foundation for all your lifts. Without a strong core you will find that when you squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench or even curl that you will have a hard time exercising with a lot of weight.
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Also, if you’re exercising at the gym and eating right chance are you are losing fat while putting on muscle anyway.

However, there are some reasons why your waist line may be bigger than the average person’s.

  1. Genetics: This means that genetically you have a bigger frame. You can still train hard and get that shredded v-taper look, however your waist will never be as small as someone who genetically has a smaller frame than you.
  2. Obesity: This means that you do indeed have an abundance of belly fat and will need to train properly and eat right to lose it. Once you do, you will see just how lean your waistline can be!
  3. Drugs: This means you took some kind of steroid, insulin or growth hormone and now have what is called a “roid gut” or distended belly. What happened is the combination of drugs causes more fat to be stored around your internal organs along with growth of the internal muscles and organs which “pushes” everything forward. Not pretty.

Personally, I work my core very hard. I’ve used weighted exercises for my obliques as well as my abdominals my entire life and my waistline is still normal.

If you would like some help with workout ideas for your core I have provided some of my favorites below.

Video 2 - Obliques & Serratus- How To Get EXTRA DEEP Cuts!

Video 3 - Stomach Vacuum

  • This is a great exercise to gain more control over your mid-section and in some cases can help to “pull in” your stomach. IF you have a weak core, it is possible to have that distended look. By strengthening your transverse abdominis with the stomach vacuum, we can help to correct this. Perform 5 – 10 sets of this exercise by simply holding the vacuum as long as you can each set.
  • Add this to your SHF Profile:

Video 4 - V-Cut 6-Pack Abs Killer Workout!

Video 5 - Ultimate CORE Workout Targeting Lower Abs & Obliques!


Don’t be fooled by the cheap marketing tricks of companies trying to jam their products down your throat. Never neglect your core and if you need more help, you can always join the community and I in the FORUMS!

Train hard Hermanites! #HTH

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Awesome article! I just added a day for abs in my routine.

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Nice Harvey!! The 5-day bodybuilding split on the site has a day specifically for abs and obliques as well.. makes for an intense workout when you just hit abs!!


Is there any "magic" number on what a "thin" waistline is ? Currently mine is 84cm across under my navel and 82 above. I can still probably shave of about 4-6 centimetres I guess to if I get leaner. 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

No magic number really.. it depends on the build of the person in terms of height and even shoulder/chest width as to what gives you a small waist. Small can be different for different people.


great article scott