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Worst Mistake When Performing The Bent-Over Row.

Learn How To Avoid Injuries While Maximizing Growth!

Posted by Scott_Herman - March 24th, 2015

The difference between a successful lift and injuring yourself is a very fine line for some exercises, especially as you begin to lift heavier.

The Bent-Over Row is not only one of the most commonly abused exercises in terms of using momentum / hip thrust to complete the lift, but you're also putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on your lower back if you don't have a proper stance.

In this video I will show you an easy tip to eliminate pressure in your lower back which as an added benefit will eliminate "hip thrusting" as well. #HTH #SHFAthlete #ProjectGains

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This has definitely forced me to pay attention to my hip hinge.


Nice video ! Will for sure look into my own for next week when doing bent over rows again .


Another good video would be the difference between underhand/overhand barbell row, the pendlay row and the T-bar row!

JoeHurricane  Edit  Delete  Close's not like the list is that more video can't hurt... lol

Whisper  Edit  Delete  Close

omg..the Scott Herman has read and answered my comment! What an exciting time to be alive! Big fan btw!


I was surprised to see how many people this video helped.  Made me feel good