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3 Unique Shoulder Workout Finishers


Posted by Scott_Herman - May 3rd, 2017

When it comes to building big shoulders, you do NOT want to leave the gym, with energy left in the tank!

You want to RIP and SHRED your deltoids down to the last muscle fiber and today Colossus Fitness and I will show you exactly how to do that by demonstrating our favourite shoulder finishers!

Before we begin though, let’s make it crystal clear that you are going to choose only ONE of the following 3 finishers and the reason for that is because you need to focus 100% of your efforts on this finisher, rather than going through a lot of exercises without full awareness and concentration.

Finisher #1: Barbell Up & Over

For the purposes of this exercise, you will only need a 45lbs barbell without any weight on it. So leave your pride at the door, pick up that barbell and place it on your chest as if you were going to perform a normal Overhead Press (OHP). Press the barbell up, just enough to clear your head and bring it behind your neck as low as you can. Then press back up, again just to clear your head and return to the starting position.

This is essentially a combination of an OHP and a behind the head press and it might feel light at first but after 20 reps it’s going to create a serious burn, which you need to fight through. Give it 100% and try to go beyond failure.

By the time you’re done with this exercise, your shoulders will be on fire and you will have successfully targeted all 3 heads of the shoulders (anterior, lateral and posterior) and your traps as well.

Finisher #2: The Bus Driver

This exercise might look and feel a bit weird at first, but if done properly it can be extremely effective at exhausting your shoulders at the end of your workout.

Pick up a 45lbs plate and raise it until your arms are parallel to the floor. A common mistake people make with this exercise, is that they keep their arms lower than parallel which is a form of cheating. Once you’re at the starting position, perform a rotary motion and start twisting the plate left and right, using full range of motion.

This is going to work all 3 heads of the deltoids from angles that you might not have experienced before and cannot possibly experience from the “classic” shoulder exercises. Again, give it your 100%, go past the burn and squeeze out as many reps as you can. Remember to keep your glutes and core tight, keep a nice posture and leave everything out on the floor!

Finisher #3: Three-Way Fly

The last finisher is a devastating one! If you pick this one, I want you to stop only when you reach absolute failure and not a second before, because you will be doing only one set!

Before you begin however, make sure you are getting into the starting position properly. You most definitely DON’T want to just bend over and put your lower back at risk. What you want to do instead, is sit between your legs, so that your torso is almost resting on top of your thighs.

Once your stance is stable you are going to perform the Three-Way Fly utilizing two dumbbells. Begin with your palms facing forward and bring the dumbbells back as far as you can. Continue with your palms facing each other and bring the dumbbells out to the sides.  The last part of the 3-Way Fly is done with your palms facing back and the dumbbells moving in the front of your body. So it’s like this:

  1. Back as far as you can  (palms facing forward)
  2. To the sides (palms facing each other)
  3. To the front (palms facing back)

That’s ONE rep! You are going to keep doing this until you cannot complete any more repetitions. Empty that tank and shred those delts until there’s nothing left!

I hope you enjoyed this article and that using these finishers in your workouts will result in some epic delt gains! Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below and as always…more good stuff coming soon!

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