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Today I’m going to help you achieve 67% FASTER TRICEPS GROWTH. Seriously!  So if you notice 66% or 68% make sure you comment below IMMEDIATELY. Because your gains and possibly your life…could be in danger!

But seriously, if you are new to this series…sure, the title is clickbait because that’s just what people seem to gravitate towards nowadays…So if I can take advantage of you for just one second and pull your attention to here and away from all the GAHBAGE and CONFUSION on YouTube…I promise you’ll always end up learning something new and beneficial to your training.

So let’s get started with my 3 best tips for bigger triceps!

Tip #1 – You Need To ISOLATE Your Triceps

This is a no-brainer, right? Well, just hold on a minute. Of course, you knew I was going to talk about isolating the triceps, otherwise, I would just tell you that flat and incline presses are enough.

Well, they’re NOT! You WILL however, make great gains training with just big compound movements when you’re a complete beginner.

But if after a year or so your triceps stop growing (or any other muscle group for that matter), you WILL HAVE to isolate them and force them to grow.

Having said that, by isolating your triceps, I do NOT necessarily mean you have to perform isolation-type movements like the Triceps Kickback or the Cable Pushdown.

You still need to OVERLOAD your triceps by picking exercises like a Close-Grip Bench Press, Dips, or a Powerbomb, which are going to be much more beneficial to you.

So if you haven’t already, check out my article called “THE ONLY TWO TRICEPS EXERCISES YOU NEED FOR GROWTH” and give that workout routine a shot on your next arm day.

Tip #2 – Do NOT Flare Your Elbows!

Now this one is IMPORTANT because it can be applied to all triceps exercises.

Let’s take the Close-Grip Bench Press for example! Regardless of your grip width, if you start flaring your elbows out, you’re turning the exercise into a standard bench press.  The issue here is that as soon as dudes get on a bench, they get upset if they’re not un-racking as much weight as possible.

It’s a CLOSE-GRIP Bench Press, the weight SHOULD be less than a standard bench press.  The entire range of motion is different and when Close-Grip Pressing, the barbell for the most part stays over your torso as you press the weight up.  

Also, your elbows should be tucked in against your sides and be located directly under your wrists.

What usually happens is as soon as fatigue sets in, instead of just racking the weight we get stubborn and try to push through the reps…which normally is ok, but only if you can keep your elbows tucked.  If not, they will flare out and you’ll start bench pressing without realizing it.  

Even on an exercise like a V-Bar Push-Down, if you start flaring OUT your elbows, then that particular exercise immediately turns into a more chest and front-delt dominant movement that resembles the bench press.

So keep those elbows in TIGHT!

Tip #3 – Focus More On OVERHEAD Movements

Now, I’m not saying that the CGBP and Dips are not enough to build huge triceps. Because they are great exercises.

But not for everyone and for good reason. Those exercises don’t place your triceps in a STRETCHED position and we can target the LONG HEAD (or the biggest head) of the triceps more when your arms are positioned overhead.  This is because the LONG HEAD of your triceps actually crosses TWO joints, your elbow AND your shoulder.

So, the more you raise your arms over your head, the more you’re stretching that long head of your triceps and we know that WEIGHTED RESISTANCE + DEEP STRETCH can be a very powerful tool when trying to spark new growth.

Recap Time! Yeah!

#1. Incorporate more isolation type training into your overall program as soon as the newbie gains stop and remember to click the link to my triceps workout to get started on the right foot!

#2. Don’t flare your elbows.  Keep them PINNED to your sides to maximize triceps engagement on every rep.

#3. Focus more on overhead movements to place emphasis on the long head of the triceps which is the biggest head and will help make your arms look THICKER AND BIGGER!

That’s it for today! Now, go get those TRICEP GAINS!

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