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Full Plateau Breaking Chest Routine!

More Growth In Less Time!

Posted by Scott_Herman - November 29th, 2018

In today’s article I’m coming back at you with another GIANT SETS workout, this time for CHEST! If you missed the last GIANT SETS workout for biceps, I will link to that article HERE.

Remember, the purpose of a GIANT SETS workout is to get you in and out of the gym in 30 minutes or less, utilizing 4 exercises to completely thrash the muscle group that you’re trying to grow. You do this by utilizing all three muscle building mechanisms – Mechanical Tension, Muscle Damage and Metabolic Stress.

But before we jump into the workout…The NEW MS APP IS FINALLY HERE!!! I do already have an Android app, and I wanted this new app to be an update on the old app, but it didn’t work out. So if you are on an Android and already have the old Android app, DELETE IT and download the new MUSCULARSTRENGTH APP!

If you’re on an iPhone, you won’t be able to find it in the App Store yet, but it should be available shortly. It’s just that the approval process takes longer for iPhone but it will be there soon! Now it’s time to train your chest to celebrate!

How The Giant Sets Work

In this workout you’re going to do 2 – 3 GIANT SETS of 4 exercises, resting only 1 – 3 minutes in-between each GIANT SET. Remember there are NO rest periods between the exercises, that’s why it’s called a GIANT SET.

Exercises one and two are going to focus more on overloading the chest and then with exercises three and four you’re going to go for more high volume. If you can, bring a bench over to a cable machine so that you can run through all 4 exercises as fast as possible. Don’t feel bad about bringing a bench over to a cable machine either, because you’re going to be done with your workout in 20 – 30 minutes anyway!

Exercise #1: Flat Dumbbell Bench Press (8 Reps)

For this movement I want you overloading as much as you possibly can. You’re going to be taking advantage of the main function of the chest which is pressing forward. Overload as much as possible, go all the way down and all the way up on every single repetition by working with full range of motion and complete 8 repetitions.

Exercise #2: Decline Push-Up (8 – 12 Reps)

As soon as you’ve done 8 repetitions of the flat dumbbell bench press, drop the dumbbells and hang off the side of the bench and do your decline push-ups. The goal here is to do 8 – 12 repetitions and remember with a decline push-up, the reason why you’re doing it is because it’s going to allow you to place a bit more emphasis on those upper chest muscle fibers. You’re also going to be fatiguing out your triceps and your delts.

Exercise #3: High-To-Low Cable Fly (20 Reps)

This is where you start getting into the higher volume portion of the workout. When you’re doing a high-to-low fly like this, that’s going to allow you to place a bit more emphasis on the muscle fibers in the lower part of your chest. Granted that yes, the entire chest is made up of just the pec major and pec minor (anatomically speaking there is no upper, middle or lower chest), but you can place emphasis in certain areas by changing the angle of the exercises that you’re doing. Make sure you maintain proper form for this exercise and don’t just flail your arms back and forth.

Exercise #4: Plate Press To Pull-Over (15 Reps)

This exercise is much more than just moving your hands up and bringing them over your head. You want to make sure you grab two plates that are light enough so that you can handle 15 repetitions, but also keep in mind that you’re going to be pushing your hands together as hard as you can. Pushing your hands together is going to light up your chest like you’ve never felt before. It’s going to give you such an incredible pump in your chest that you’re probably going to have a hard time completing all 15 repetitions. But that’s what you want, complete muscle fatigue by the end of every single GIANT SET. That way by the time you complete 2 – 3 of them you leave the gym with your chest absolutely fried!


If you’re having a hard time with mind-muscle connection with your chest, utilize the first two exercises to overload and press as much weight as you can and then use the second two exercises (because you’re doing high volume) to really try to focus and concentrate on the areas that you’re working. If you want to combine this with your shoulders or triceps day, or combine all three muscle groups into one PUSH workout, you totally can!

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