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4 Natural Ways To INCREASE Your Biceps Size & Strength!


Posted by Scott_Herman - May 23rd, 2019

Today we are going to work on your biceps. Now before some ignorant gym bros jump in the comment section spouting all kinds of nonsense like: “you don’t NEED to train your biceps”, or, “if you train with heavy rows and chin-ups that should be enough”, all I have to say is, just shut your mouth or start your own YouTube channel because you’re annoying.

We all love training our biceps and there is nothing wrong with that!  Do what makes you happy right? And if your biceps are a weak point in terms of size or strength, then you WILL need to focus on them and here are my 5 best tips!

1. Increase Overall Training Volume

When it comes to a lagging body part, you need to REALLY make sure you are giving it the attention it needs to grow. But this doesn’t mean turn your biceps training into an 8 hour workout.  

It means you need 2 or 3 days of ACTIVATION and activation means you are stimulating your biceps with challenging weight multiple times a week. Now what I’ve noticed is that most dudes hit their biceps SO HARD that they are too sore to train twice a week.  So if that’s you, then what you need to do is take that workout intensity that’s probably at an 11 on a scale of 1 – 10 and turn it down to more like a 6 or 7.  

You have to wrap your mind around the concept of being able to train your biceps hard, but not to death, so they can properly recover and be ready for another training session in 24 – 36 hours.


This is the CORRECT way to train any muscle group with more volume.  The incorrect way is being stupid and trying to beat your muscles to grow with insane weight and way to many sets.  That kind of bullshit only works if you are looking for views on your garbage YouTube content.  If you want to see which exercises are best for BICEPS growth. Check out my ONLY TWO Exercises You Need for Biceps Growth video.

2. Finish Your Sets With Heavy Negatives

I always talk to you about heavy negatives. In fact, many of you have tried my CHEAT & RECOVER program and reported back how much it helped you grow all over your entire body.  That is because you are about 40% stronger in the negative when compared to the concentric portion of any movement. So when applied to biceps curls, logically, you will never be able to curl UP what you can handle on the way down.

But instead of going into a full blown CHEAT & RECOVER set like my program, which IS available on my app MUSCULAR STRENGTH by the way, I want you to focus on just cheating on the last few reps of every set.

So what this means is that let’s say you are curling 50lbs for 8 – 10 reps. What I want you to do is curl 55 – 60lbs for 4 – 6 reps and then focus on controlled negatives for at least 2 – 3 reps.  This will help you maintain control over the weight while you fatigue your biceps and then OVERLOAD THEM on the last few reps.

3. Flex Core During Curls

This is actually a tip I bet 99% of you can apply RIGHT NOW and be able to curl more weight.Just like when you deadlift and squat, biceps curls require core stability and if you are not flexing your core you are going to be both fighting the weight as you curl it up and fighting gravity as the weight you are curling is pulling you forward causing some of you to go into spinal flexion.

So the solution? Easy! Draw in a breath, hold it in and flex your core TIGHT before each rep. When trying to lift heavy, there is no rule that says you HAVE to do your reps fast. Take your time and make sure that core is as tight as possible. Even if you have to reset your breath on every rep.

4. Switch To Seated Dumbbell Curls

So think about what we just talked about. Core stability. So if you switch from a barbell curl to a seated dumbbell curl you are taking the majority of the core stability needed out of the equation leaving MORE ENERGY for your biceps curls.

Now you still need to keep your core tight during your reps, but the load will be less demanding which could help you focus on being able to curl more weight during your sets.


Before we end the article, I just want to say one thing. If you are going to train your biceps with dumbbells, please DO NOT start with your palms facing in at the bottom.

This is something your favorite Gym Shark Athletes do to curl more weight on video. It’s not rocket science guys, you can curl more weight this way because you are avoiding the sticking point of the biceps curl. So keeps those palms facing FORWARD! Supination of the forearm IS a function of the biceps!Remember that!

The only time your palms should be facing IN is during HAMMER CURLS, or if you’re about to do a cheat rep with a focus on heavy negatives because the goal of cheat reps is to skip the concentric portion of the movement and, as we just said, you can lift more on the way up with your palms facing in.

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Hey Scott , any tips on muscle imbalance? I’m somehow stronger and bigger on my left arm than my right but I’m a righty. Anything i might be doing wrong?

What are your thoughts on restricted bicep curls?

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@popep3 restricted? As in doing them with your back against a wall so that you can't use any momentum at all?