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Why Aren't You Doing These Exercises?

Posted by Scott_Herman - November 18th, 2015

Everyone is always looking for some ridiculous new type of exercise that nobody knows about to build muscle.  Well Nation, it is much easier than you think!

When performing the barbell bicep curl most people stick to a traditional shoulder width grip.  This is because the shoulder width grip is the strongest which means you can lift more weight!

But who is to say that more weight equals more muscle?  Yes, you need to push yourself and yes you need to work with progressive overload.  But these are just a few of the techniques you should have in your workout arsenal, not the only ones.

In this video you are going to learn how to perform a “close-grip” barbell bicep curl and a “wide-grip” barbell bicep curl.  By utilizing these two variations, you will be able to focus on activating your biceps in a new way which will result in your body having to recruit different muscle fibers for more gains!  Also, be sure to watch the entire video as I give workout recommendations at the end!

If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment below or join the community in the forums!

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Got to get the bicep gains!


Great stuff !! I tried the wide grip bicep curl today. Sickest pump in a long time, thought my skin was going to burst. Definitely gonna apply this alongside with dumbbell curls or normal grip curl from now on.  Also tried what I read somewhere the other day with squeezing with "pinky" finger or what´s it called and holding so that weight is off centre. Sure made a good squeeze. 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

Awesome @brolle81, yeah them wide-grip curls are AWESOME! I do them as well!

Brolle81 Edit Delete Close

Sure is even though I did rather light weight. I supersetted it with normal grip 8 of each for 4 sets with 70lbs. 


Very nice man!


But I thought to get bigger biceps you just had to lift heavy ass weight with loads of momentum?! XD

Idris Edit Delete Close

You have to do more than that Joe!

jcgadfly Edit Delete Close

And let that momentum swing your upper body all over the place - that recruits more muscles and makes the exercise more effective (pleas tell me you know I'm joking).


Gotta hit your muscles with different angles! 


Alright now let's build us some guns Nation!


Awesome article! Nation you know the drill to wanting bigger biceps: First hit those triceps, lift weights with variation. In other words, dumbbells and barbells, machines and resistance bands. Different pounds: heavy, medium and light, different variation: pyramid, different angles: wide and close grip, stand up and sit down. Remember quality over quantity, Eat and rest! You will have big guns!


Great article!!


awesome article/video Scott! Can't argue with the points you make :)

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

Thanks @whisper.  All it takes to grow biceps is a bit of focus and patience!