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Tricep Dip Hack For Bigger Arms!

Anyone Can Do This!

Posted by Scott_Herman - January 5th, 2018

Today I want to share with you one hack for dips that's going to help you build bigger triceps, and bigger arms in general. Now obviously when you are a natural athlete, there are no short-cuts to muscle gain. However, you can utilize tips, techniques and hacks like this to make use of better exercises to help you build bigger arms.

When it comes to triceps, triceps can handle a lot of punishment, and triceps are actually my favorite body part to train. However, when it comes to utilizing techniques like overloading to get more muscle stimulation, it doesn't really work on every single exercise if you don't have a spotter. For example, if you're doing a close-grip bench press and trying to overload on that exercise, you're kind of out of luck if you get stuck at the bottom of the movement.

Same thing with a seated dumbbell overhead extension, as soon as you get to the bottom of the movement and your triceps are fatigued, you're stuck and it can be very dangerous to get out of that position by yourself.

Then if you go over to an exercise like a triceps pushdown, you can utilize a bit of momentum to help you push the weight down and focus on overloading on the negative. However, you also run the risk here of the weight weighing more than you, and lifting you off the ground, or bringing more shoulders into the movement, and that's not something you want to do.

Dip Hack For Beginners

But, when it comes to the dips, you are in total control the entire time whether you're a beginner and you can't do any repetitions at all by yourself, or you need to strap more weight to your waist and utilize more weight in order to get a better workout. If you've never done one dip in your life, you can still use this hack. When doing a dip, first of all, make sure you warm-up your shoulders. I cannot stress that enough. After warming up your shoulders, I suggest then going over to the dip station and do a few repetitions where you're going through the full range of motion.

If you're doing bodyweight dips, and you want to take advantage of overloading (this is for those of you who can't do many dips in a row at all), you want to set up the dip station so that it's at a specific height so that when you get inside the bars, your feet touch the ground. You don't want it to be too low to where your knees are super bent, you want to be in a comfortable position where you can stand up straight with your arms at your sides. Once this is all set up, what you're going to do is very simple – you're going to place your hands where they need to be, get on your tippy toes, and then push off your toes to get to the top part of the movement. Once you're at the top part of the movement, you're going to bend your knees, focus on keeping your chest up, and do a slow negative to overload your arms. As soon as you get to the bottom, put your feet back down, and that way you're safely on the ground and you don't have to worry about getting stuck.

If you're going to be doing 6, 7 or 8 repetitions in a row, all you have to do is push yourself up to the top of the movement with your toes, overload on the negative by controlling the movement slowly, and then resetting yourself at the bottom of each rep. This is basically the foundation of my Cheat & Recover program, which is why I want you to learn this.

Dip Hack For Advanced Lifters

So what if you're someone who can do multiple dips in a row, and you need to add weight to it, and you want to overload? It still works the exact same way. If you have a weight belt with say 90lbs on it, the movement can still be totally safe to do. If you've never done weighted dips before, and you want to try overloading with weight, I suggest starting out low and working your way up to see what it feels like, because you still need to make sure your joints can handle the stress of all this weight. But you will still be doing the exact same thing – pushing off your toes to get to the top of the movement, and then focusing on fighting the negative. Once you're at the bottom, put your feet down, reset, and repeat for reps.

Are Dips For Triceps & Dips For Chest The Same?

There is a difference between doing dips to target your triceps, and dips to target your chest. If you want to see a more in-depth video on that, I'll link it HERE so you can check it out. But basically, when you're doing dips to target your triceps, you keep your chest up and go straight down, whereas when doing dips to target your chest, you're actually going to lean forward, so there is a clear difference.


As you can see, whether you're a beginner and you've never done one dip before in your life, or you're an advanced athlete and you can handle a lot of weight, this hack is going to allow you to really utilize overloading to help you get more muscle stimulation, and help those arms explode!

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Love it, I've started doing a couple of sets of these at the gym... I'm still cutting a lot of fat, but when I get to my ideal weight, I'm going to start building.