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The Key To Staying Motivated In The Gym.

Inspirational Photos & Videos Or Something You Need to Discover Inside Yourself?

Posted by Scott_Herman - September 9th, 2014

Motivation for me is much deeper than just looking at photos or videos of people who inspire me. When you’re younger or just starting out this may seem to be enough. But as you begin to make gains, it takes more inspiration to fill that same cup that once seemed to spill over with drive and the willpower to reach your goals.

What I have learned is that without a truly deep “core” reason, we often falter and have a hard time staying focused. Short term goals are great but if you don’t have a long term goal to accompany them, you may find yourself lost once they are completed.

In this video I talk about my goals and what kept me motivated as a young boy and how that motivation lead me to find my core reason which keeps me on track now as an adult. I hope that after watching this video you’ll be able to look deep inside and discover the reason you need to keep yourself on track so that you can continue to make gains with your fitness goals as well! #HTH #SHFAthlete

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Liked this video. When I started, my reasons were to die more slowly and to not hurt my pallbearers when I did die. Now it's enjoying moving around again Felt better on stage than I had in ages. 

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

haha @jcgadfly, you crack me up.  But I am happy you have a much more positive goal!


I'm currently "digging deep" now Scott haha!! Great video......... McMike and I were talking about this a little earlier. Thank you for a really great video, though your videos are always great haha!!! XD

Rel  Edit  Delete  Close

That would totally be hilarious.... They'll understand, its a sign of dedication haha...

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

haha, @crood it wouldnt be me.. my headphones would be too loud to hear you yell

crood  Edit  Delete  Close

if i'd do that loudly in the gym on every rep... i wonder how long it would take until they get one of the big guys to pack me up on the shoulder and carry me out of the building... including the weights i was holding.. lol


loved that video. As you say it's all about the reason and the decision you make to do something. One has to be deeply convinced by it, otherwise it will only be a temporary trend that is followed for a little while. Had that same topic recently with @painpusher after watching his 'consistancy' video. :)


This reason will be what gets you through all hard parts of the journey. Like sticking to a mealplan, or confidently saying no to things that do not support your goal. Finding the motivation, to keep on ghoing. Without this you'll just fall back into your old habbits.


My core reasons are quite 'essential': my job is equal to the need to breathe - as i can't live without expressing myself in artistic ways = becoming a digital artist /3D modeler, and to to put my overly active brain to some use = programming, and the fitness equals to the logical need of survival - because a weak body doesn't have a good chance to do so for long. And i don't want life to kick me or my body into the rear ;) And i only have this one life to get it right.. makes sense?

I'd also like to be immortal and take part in the infinite future.. i think life is way too short... unfortunately fitness nor science can achieve that.. yet :P


*thumbs up - great watch - as usual!*

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

I hear that @crood, self expression is why I lift and have the business I have. I feel like I can express myself and help others.Would love to see some of your 3D models sometime! Don't be shy!