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1 Simple Tip To Improve Your V-CUT!


Posted by Scott_Herman - October 5th, 2016

If you are looking to improve your V-CUT, one of the best ways to do it is to perform exercises that place more emphasis on the bottom portion of your rectus abdominus (your lower abs) and my go to exercise is the leg-lift.

But once you build enough core strength, this exercise might become too easy for you to really engage your abs.  If this sounds like you, we can add a simple twist to this exercise to increase core engagement and that twist is adding a resistance band!

The added resistance is going to cause you to have to recruit more muscles throughout your core to perform the movement and you will be strengthening your hip flexors as well.

Using a resistance band will also allow you to continuously increase the amount of resistance applied to your abs as you lift your legs.  But this added resistance can throw you off-balance so make sure you control the negative to avoid your legs from just dropping down.  It is very important that you control each and every repetition during the negative as the negative portion of any movement is where you will always breakdown the most muscle fibers for regrowth.

If you have a hard time controlling the negative, an easy way to gain more core control is to hold your knees in the up position for one second before descending.  This way you can mentally prepare to lower your legs with control and the added isolation hold will engage your core for more muscle fiber activation as well.

Another way you can simulate this movement is by holding a dumbbell between your feet.  The main differences between using a resistance band and holding a dumbbell is that with the band the resistance will increase as you go up and decrease as you go down.  Also, because you don’t have to waste energy trying to hold the dumbbell between your feet, it might be easier for you to focus purely on isolating your abs throughout the movement.

Add 3 sets of 12 – 15 reps to your next ab workout for ULTIMATE RESULTS!

FINAL TIP: If you can’t finish all three sets or lack the upper body strength to hold yourself in the air you can hang by your elbows using elbow straps.

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Awesome variation on a normal leg raise!!


I've already been doing a version of this using the elbow slings and lifting a dumbbell, which I learned from another of your videos.  Pretty amazing how, if there's an exercise, there's a pic or video of Scott Herman showing how to do it! THANK YOU!!!

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

haha you know it @willwilkin!  I am everywhere it seems! :-D


Give this exercise twist a try, and let me know what you think guys!