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1 Easy Tip For Bigger Biceps FAST!

Stop Making This Rookie Bicep Mistake!

Posted by Scott_Herman - May 24th, 2017

What you’re about to learn can be applied to any biceps exercise whether you’re using cables, barbells, or dumbbells so make sure you pay close attention!

Now this is something I see guys doing ALL the time in the gym.  Even dudes with BIG ARMS!  This makes me think to myself, thank goodness for pull-ups and back day because that is probably the only reason why their arms grew at all.  However, this can be equally as bad because that means that they’re getting more biceps engagement during their back exercises!  But we can save that topic for another article.

Guys, when you approach any biceps exercise you need to ask yourself one question.

“Do you want to train your biceps today?  Or do you want to look ridiculous and train your anterior deltoids?”

Yes, I know, these are harsh words but the truth hurts and if you’ve been coming to the gym for months and are seeing littler to zero bicep growth then you’re probably making this mistake.

What Is The Mistake?

The mistake is that you’re NEVER actually performing a bicep curl!  What most people do instead is a sort of bent-elbow front raise which involves VERY LITTER bicep flexion and extension which is crucial when training your biceps.

You have to understand that the only way your biceps are going to grow is if you’re forcing the biceps brachii to contract while under a significant amount of tension.

But, there are TWO parts to the equation here:

  1. TENSION:  Which is the weight.
  2. CONTRACTION: Which is when you move your arm from extension to flexion.

If you only have one part of the equation down, then you should expect very little results.  Anyone in the gym can grab an 80 pound barbell and move their shoulders up and down to “curl” the weight, it isn’t very difficult.

What Is Proper Form?

Well, first let’s remember that the very moment you put your hands in the SUPINATED POSITION that there is tension on your biceps.  We talked about this in the versus series article Dumbbell Bicep Curl VS. Dumbbell Hammer Curl.

This is because one of the functions of the biceps brachii is the supination of your forearm.  So to ANYONE out there who says that you “lose tension” at the bottom of a bicep curl, just shut your mouth, drop the ego, and start doing curls the right way. PERIOD.

Now, once you’re in the fully extended position you’re going to curl the barbell all the way up to your shoulders keeping your elbows in front of your body and locked in place.  However, a lot of people like to say that there is no point to going all the way up because you lose tension in the biceps and the load transitions to your shoulders.  Well, you’re right and at the same time you’re not.

If you curl the barbell to the top of the movement and then relax your grip and biceps, then yes this portion of the movement is pointless.  But, if you continue to squeeze the barbell as hard as you can while also flexing and contracting your biceps as hard as you can and you continue to do this the entire time you’re at the top of the movement, then you’re 100% maximizing the effectiveness of full range of motion.   This is not only because we’re creating more muscle damage from all the forced contractions, but now we’ve also increased the range of motion of the “NEGATIVE” portion of the movement which is where you’re going to see the most muscle damage for regrowth from your reps.

Remember guys, spending as much time as possible in the negative is very important for building muscle and be sure to, once again, keep your elbows locked in place.  Also, as you lower the barbell it should feel like it is moving away from your body.  If you drag the barbell down your chest this means your elbows pushed back behind your hips and you lost a lot of precious tension in your biceps and are creating less muscle damage on every repetition.

At the end of the day it’s that simple guys.  No matter which biceps exercise you’re doing, if you apply these simple tips you’re going to see MUCH FASTER results.

It all comes down to the same thing I say about any exercise.  Drop the ego, lift with proper form and build those biceps!!!

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