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Location: South Korea Gender: Male Neck: 39 cm Chest: 105.5 cm Goal: Lose Fat Forearm: 30 cm Hip: 87.4 cm Age: 47 Calve 39.5 cm Shoulder: 126.6 cm Height: 1.78 m Arm: 37.1 cm Waist: 77.8 cm Weight: 73.7 kg Thigh: 59.1 cm Body Fat: 9.33%
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Married, father of two kids and both my wife and I have full-time, busy jobs. I love the 'me' time every day, so I make sure I've got enough time to go to the gym and/or for a swim. I'm committed to constantly striving to be the best me I can be; focusing on my mind and body with this guiding principle: Eat like a man. Train like a beast. Operate like a gentleman. Become a legend.

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