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How can I improve my posture?

By Scott Herman in Flexibility / Mobility · Published

STRETCHING will be your best friend here.

Many poor POSTURES can be improved by simple stretches. If you have a large curve in your back which forces your gut out, it is likely you need to work on your hip flexors.

Your lower back could also be a concern, so be sure to do stretching where you push your glutes/lower back FORWARD.

You need to train yourself to naturally stand AND sit correctly too. Focus on keeping your chest up, your core tight, and avoid sticking your butt out These can all be because off weak muscles.

However, be sure not to overwork some muscles compared to others either. This could lead to something like your chest making you lean forward if you fail to work back as well.

Check out the video below, to learn more about aligning your spine!


How To: Postural Alignment- Part 1



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