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Romanian Deadlifts & Wrist Wraps


Posted by Scott_Herman - October 1st, 2015

There seems to be a lot of debate to whether or not you should be using wrist wraps when performing certain barbell movements.  But before you make your decision, you first need to decide if using wrist wraps is going to be beneficial toward your goal.

For example, I never use wrist wraps when I perform conventional deadlifts because I use this as an opportunity to work on my grip strength as well.  But when it comes to Romanian Deadlifts, I often do use wrist wraps to take my grip strength out of the equation. 

The sole purpose of performing this exercise is to work the hamstrings in a stretched position.  This is how you can create the most MUSCLE DAMAGE (one of the three mechanisms of building muscle) when performing an exercise.

By utilizing wrist wraps, I can shift all my focus to targeting my hamstrings as much as possible with proper form.  The thought of losing my grip on the bar doesn’t even come into the equation.  I am also saving energy by not having to activate the muscles in my arms that I can put into more reps for my hamstrings as well.

In this video I demonstrate how to properly use wrist wraps and how to maximize muscle damage on every rep.

If you find yourself having a hard time with form, I will post another video below to ensure you are maximizing your gains!

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I use wraps as soon as i go heavy on deadlifts, shrugs,lats pull downs etc.  Because like many others state some exercises are very specific on what area you wanna target so why neglect full potential on them due to lack of grip. 


Agreed here. I think that it would make the most sense to disregard forearm development on an exercise geared towards maximum hamstring hypertrophy.


I have to use straps at my gym because a lot of the gnurling is gone on most bars

sdavis  Edit  Delete  Close

It is said that on heavy pull exercises you can get one to two more reps per set with straps.  In the end, I guess you have to ask yourself is it leg day or is it grip day?


Thanks for this. I may have to consider wrist straps. My grip dies in the middle of the third set.  I play finger control (and barely hold the sticks) so drumming isn't helpful to me here. If I it gets really bad I'll glove up and go switch grip but I can always use more tools.


Great point about your mind shifting toward your grip when you begin to lose it and less focus on working your hamstrings. Great videos Scott!


ah man so many people have asked me why i use my wraps when im working my traps! I wanna target my traps so im not gonna lower the weight because my grip strength gives out! Although i do a lot without them to work on strength!

GraaY94  Edit  Delete  Close

yeah exactly, in the end without them its just a waste of focused energy!

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Right on bro!  I mean, it's cool to not use them... but when you REALLY want to just focus on traps.. no need to waste energy on holding the bar! :-D


I definitely was able to focus a lot more on my hamstrings by using wraps. They sure can help with making those gains!

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

Yes they do!  I wish I had them two days a go for my hamstring workout.  So much volume.. my hands were dying! haha


I agree. There is a time and place for everything, including wrist wraps. Same goes with pullups. If your grip fails you, use wraps. Work your grip at other times without sacrificing hamstring growth!

Scott_Herman  Edit  Delete  Close

damn right Kostas!  The goal is to go to exaustion! oh yeah!