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Posted by Scott_Herman - October 10th, 2016

Many of you have asked me how to build a bigger lower chest.  Well, genetics will play a role in the shape of your chest, but we can force some growth by placing more emphasis on the lower portion of the sternocostal head of your chest with these 4 tips!

TIP 1: Begin Your Workout With A Heavy Compound Lift That Targets The Lower Portion Of Your Chest

If your lower chest is lagging, then it should be clear that this is an area you need to be targeting FIRST in your chest workout.  The decline barbell bench press is an excellent exercise that will help you not only target this area, but use heavy weights for maximum muscle damage as well.  To perform this exercise you are going to position yourself under the barbell with your shoulders retracted and a slight arch in your back.  

Once in place, grab the barbell just outside of shoulder width apart and unrack it.  Next, while keeping your arms fully extended, hold the barbell over the lower portion of your chest and pick a point on the ceiling to align the barbell with.  The reason why you’re doing this is to make sure that each time you press the barbell up, it stays in the same place over your chest.  Now that you’re ready, lower the barbell until it touches the bottom of your chest, press the barbell back to the starting position and repeat for reps.

Add This Exercise To Your Routine: 4 sets: 8 – 10 reps (60 sec. rest between sets)


TIP 2: When Performing Either Movement, Make Sure You Don’t Have Too Much Elbow Flare & Bench Over Your Shoulders.

When performing either version of this exercise you want to make sure that you are not flaring your elbows too much.  If you have too much elbow flare this will completely change the path the barbell or dumbbells are supposed to follow throughout the movement and will transfer a large amount of the load to your shoulders.  If his happens you will not only have a chance of seriously injuring your shoulders, but your chest development will greatly suffer as well.

To ensure you do not have too much elbow flare on either exercise, simply retract your shoulder blades and tuck your elbows in so that they are closer to your rip cage. (See examples below).

TIP 3: Finish Your Workout With A Single-Joint Movement That Also Targets The Lower Portion Of Your Chest.

Now that you’re at the end of your chest routine and your muscles are pre-exhausted, it’s time to hit your lower chest again to ensure the area is prepped for growth!  The advantage of targeting your lower chest at the end of your workout with a single-joint movement is that you will be able to utilize an exercise that doesn’t require much weight and you will still be able to challenge yourself because your chest is toast!

The single-joint movement I want you to end your workout with is the High-To-Low Cable Fly.  To perform this movement you are going to set up with pulleys so that they are the same height as your head.  Next, grab the handles and take a few steps forward so the weights you are lifting never touch the rest of the stack during your set.  Once in place, make sure that your shoulders are down and retracted back and begin to bring your hands together in front of your body just below your chest keeping only a slight bend in your elbows.  As soon as your hands meet in front of your body return to the starting position and repeat for reps.

Add This Exercise To Your Routine: 4 sets: 8 – 10 reps (60 sec. rest between sets)

TIP 4: Perform The High-To-Low Cable Fly Properly To Target Your Lower Chest With Maximum Effort & Avoid A Possible Shoulder Injury.

Before I let you go train, a word of caution when performing the High-To-Low Cable Fly.  If you don’t set-up the cables to the proper height and focus on keeping your shoulders DOWN and RETRACTED throughout the entire range of motion, chances are that you’re engaging more shoulders than chest during the movement.  It will be crucial for you to practice proper form with light weights if you’re not used to this exercise to ensure you do not provoke a shoulder injury and that you’re actually targeting your lower chest!

If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment below!  Now go make those lower chest gains!

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Just say the words and you'll have a lower chest!


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Give those tips a try next time you re at the gym and let me know how it goes!!