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Location: Marina, Ca Gender: Male Neck: 15 in Chest: 42.25 in Goal: Train for a sport Forearm: 10.75 in Hip: 42 in Age: 31 Calve 14.75 in Shoulder: 48.5 in Height: 5'8" Arm: 13 in Waist: 42 in Weight: 190.6 lbs Thigh: 22.5 in Body Fat: 20.22%
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I have so far recovered from a lower back injury from when I was training for the USCG. I have since then gone through my struggles of gaining the strength to pick myself back up and get into fitness. Working towards losing weight while increasing my strength. I'm not going for the body builder look I like to keep lean but some definition of muscular growth wouldn't be bad when I've put enough time and effort into the work necessary for the goals set ahead for myself.

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