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Location: N/A Gender: Male Neck: 16 in Chest: 40 in Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 10 in Hip: 37 in Age: 28 Calve 15 in Shoulder: 45 in Height: 5.5'0" Arm: 15 in Waist: 29 in Weight: 160 lbs Thigh: 20 in Body Fat: 6%
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It all started when I was kid. I used to be bullied all the time in school and I was just miserable. My days consisted of coming home from school and eating junk food, feeling sorry for myself. I spent alot of my life looking up to my day one friend, christian. His passion for basketball is one of things that motivated me into finding something to love. Another person that sparked a fire in me was my close friend Sabrina. As a kid, I was such an easy target for bullies. I always felt so weak, helpless, sad, etc. But she told me that things were going to change and more importantly that I was going to change. In a way, This gave me hope to find something to love and that was fitness. I guess you can compare this to the bite that gave Spiderman his super powers because thats exactly what those words felt like. My super powers are the powers to never ever give up, to always stay consistent with my meal plan, training routine, to ALWAYS give it my all everytime i step foot in the gym, and to do my best to help and motivate people all over the world. I want to be just like you, Scott. I want to change people's lives because you for sure changed mine with all the knowlege and motivation that you gave. I love fitness with all my heart =)

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