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Location: Philippines Gender: Male Neck: 15.5 in Chest: 42 in Goal: Train for a sport Forearm: 12 in Hip: 40 in Age: 40 Calve 16 in Shoulder: 49 in Height: 5'7" Arm: 15.5 in Waist: 33 in Weight: 180 lbs Thigh: 22 in Body Fat: 15%
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I used to be an athlete when I was younger and basketball was my main sport, but after school my physical activities was significantly lessened and replaced by some vices like beers and cigarettes so I became very unhealthy and my skills in basketball also disappeared! One day, after new year I tried to perform some push-ups but I wasn't able to make even just a single rep! It was very alarming so I immediately purchased a gym membership and started to work out every other day. I gained muscles and got even bigger and heavier until my brother showed Scott Herman's My Chest Workout video and I found the drop sets very interesting so I searched for Scott's Back, Leg, Biceps, Triceps and Shoulder Workout then I have found out about his Facebook Page where I learned a lot like proper eating and how it affects progress! I started to see significant results in my body and got really hooked to SHF so I applied as a Super Hermanite for the purpose of supporting SHF's goal which is "To Teach Fitness to the World".

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