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Location: Penn yan, New York Gender: Male Neck: N/A Chest: N/A Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: N/A Hip: N/A Age: 40 Calve N/A Shoulder: N/A Height: 5'11" Arm: N/A Waist: N/A Weight: 180 lbs Thigh: N/A Body Fat: N/A%
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Loving this 12 week shredded program! My Fitness story begins like most other stories you've heard about or read. I was in my mid thirties, married, 2 kids (boys 7 & 4), mortgage, college educated, military veteran who smoked, drank to excess and ate like an overweight teenager. I stepped on a scale and couldn't believe what I read, I was 200 pounds and chubby. I'd never been chubby/husky/fat before. My nickname growing up was "Bones Jones" so for me to have a big belly was kind of a shock. I decided then and there that I needed to do something about my life. Figure out a way to loose the weight and keep it off. I decided to try P90X and loved it!! It was nice to have something to look forward to everyday when I got out of work. I did the 90 days and decided I wanted to do another 90 days. Accomplished that goal...on to the next!! So I've done all of the P90Xes (1,2 and 3), some insanity and then some body beast. After doing Body beast a couple times, I realized I really like lifting weights. Body beast was all I knew about lifting so I realized I needed to widen my horizons a little. I logged on to YouTube and found Scott Herman fitness. I liked the workouts, I liked that it was different than what I was doing and started adding scotts workouts to my own. Now I'm doing this 12 week program and seriously love it. I'm busting through some platues and building muscle/strength. I'm also BIG into obstacle course racing. I've done several Spartan races and plan on doing several more.

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