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Location: morocco, agadir Gender: Male Neck: 16 in Chest: 43 in Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 13 in Hip: 40 in Age: 33 Calve 16 in Shoulder: 47 in Height: 5.6'0" Arm: 15 in Waist: 35 in Weight: 80 kg Thigh: 23 in Body Fat: 10%
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I was a bad little child when I was 7 years I always had a lot of fight with many people. I was brilliant at school with a high degree in all my exams but even that I was so crazy I painted on my school wall & tables & chairs. It was my passion to do that & I have another passion is graffiti from there all my friend advised me to take an art lesson but I didn't care that time but after my college I decided to be designer. Then I was looking for an art school & I found it. There I meet my best friend now Soufiane Fayssal and he was the cause to meet Scott Herman because he showed me his fan page on facebook & he encourage me to make a great effort to be the best & he helped me to make a lot of stuff even to know it without him I couldn't make all that. So Soufiane showed me Scott fan page & I took a look to his wall & I saw that he was need to same crazy stuff so I made him a poster to his profile with his own picture & it was a pleasure for him because it was fascinated by my work and he proposed me to work with him & to make him all his entertainment stuff ( YouTube channel - posters - banners - website - car etc.) and now we do a great job together & we hope to make the best to become number one in the world so thank you Scott for this opportunity & thank you Soufiane to pushing me to be the best. This is my small crazy story

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