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Location: Greece Gender: Male Neck: 15 in Chest: 41.5 in Goal: Train for a sport Forearm: 12 in Hip: 37 in Age: 32 Calve 14 in Shoulder: 47 in Height: 1.74 m Arm: 14.5 in Waist: 33 in Weight: 70 kg Thigh: 20 in Body Fat: 11%
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My whole life, up until I became 18 years old, I was a fat short kid. I had self-confidence issues, feeling quite out of place becauce of my physique. So I started dieting and weight-training with the guidance of Scott's and Scooby1961's videos at first. Those were enough to help me get on the right track. I lost 20kg (45lbs) within a summer and at the same time put on some quality muscle. After that from the age of 19 to 22 I decided to start strength training instead of just muscle gain training. I started doing strongman and powerlifting workouts, read a bunch of books and articles, analysed research and watched a ton of youtube videos. So I learnt a lot about strength and biomechanics, injuries and posture. I built up (injury-free) to a deadlift of 495lbs on 2013 and then I decided to change my fitness path once more so I began Aikido training (martial art of balance and harmony) and I fell in love with it so I combined it with weight training for optimal results. Right now I can say that I almost exclusively train for Aikido and my weightlifting days are becoming more and more far apart. I have a sole focus on flexibility/mobility and balance as well as endurance because Aikido demands both. So no matter what your goal is, I can help out. From gaining muscle to losing fat, from gaining strength to endurance training, even training for a sport. What you should get from this is that you shouldnt just give up if you are fat and unconditioned. Just stand up and fight. Change your life. Its up to you and you alone.

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