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Location: Norway Gender: Male Neck: 34 cm Chest: 82 cm Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 24 cm Hip: 83 cm Age: 35 Calve 35 cm Shoulder: 34 cm Height: 176.0 m Arm: 27 cm Waist: 73 cm Weight: 60 kg Thigh: 50 cm Body Fat: 8.5%
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I used to work at a lot for a 1 year period when I was younger ( about 17 - 18 ) but hit the wall and was not able to diet correctly to gain. Now, 12 years later my ambition is to gain as much as possible (naturally) in one year, maximizing potential. That means counting cals and protein daily and tuning my weekly workout routine. If it is possible I am hoping to get to 70-75 kg in April 2016 if that is possible.

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