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12 Week Transformation Challenge

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three programs to choose from!, Built your body of your dreams!
push, pull, legs!


five day bodybuilding split

Transform your body with high volume bodybuilding splits that were created with my own special twist to push your further in your training that you ever thought possible!

twelve week home program

Challenge yourself to BUILD MUSCLE & SHRED FAT with a series of workouts that can all be performed at home and the best part is that you can do them in REAL TIME with me!

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What days / workouts are hard for you?

While I belong to a great gym, I do all my workouts at home, with dumbbells and a curl bar (well, I have a LOT of weights at home).  Sunday and Mondays are my HARDEST days to get motivated.  Legs and Back are my two body parts I have the hardest time getting motivated to do, at home. 

So, today was Legs, tomorrow is Back.  I have to say....had ZERO desire to do legs today.  Then went back through some pictures of Scott flexing his legs....and voila, had the BEST leg workout.  That's how I spell motivation.  Thanks bro......


Woo! Just taped in again, and from the beginning of January to now my body fat percentage has dropped from 33.88 to 30.65! I haven't technically lost much weight (about 1 lb) but I lost almost 3 inches off my gut, and my lean body weight increased by seven pounds!


In the 2nd phase of my workout.  6 Weeks of one body part per workout.  I know I know, in order to really grow, you ideally should try to work each body part 2 times per week.  Once per week is good for maintenance, and some growth.  BUT, I like this next phase.

Anyhow, today was chest.  Just 35 minutes, but included a total of 24 sets.  I am EXHAUSTED.......  


Hi Scott,

I've been lifting pretty regularly for a year and a half or so, but have put on more fat than I'd like.  I want to take the next 5 weeks or so get leaner and then go into a more controlled bulking phase.  I'd like to lose about 8 pounds of fat in the 5 weeks. I have access to a gym.

In looking at your plans I'm wondering what would be the best choice for me to get leaner.  I imagine I'd want to include 3 HIIT sessions a week or so (I usually do row machine or swimming).  Do you have any suggestions?




Hi Scott. I just watched your latest YouTube video. Little confused.... 

I totally understand if you work in a office then go to the gym, do a workout and then take bcaa/protein shakes then go home and have a cooked meal to max out your gains. 

But for argument sake... forget the macros side of things and just base your answer on the shakes. 

I have a very physical job and use probably every muscle in my body by lifting heavy thing from 08:00 till 17:00

Should I go out and buy myself some BCAA'S and some protein powder and take it twice a day in my working hours.  

P.s I pressed the bell button so I never miss a video 😄


Hey man!  Well, it woudnt hurt to ensure you are hitting your protein goal for the day.  But as long as you are eating regularly you will be fine.  It never hurts to add BCAAs to your day though.  The more leucine the better!  Have you tried Grape Amino-X?  Heaven bro.... :-D


 Black bean chilli 🌶 

 With turkey mints avocado and Greek yoghurt 


and here I am eating a chicken cutlet :-D


You haven't seen my signature dish sea food risotto !! It's lush !! 


Need to see this!


Hey everyone! LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW!! ***Also, don't forget to follow my fitness Instagram at: @davidwright_fitness ***

Week 6 progress pics! This one is my favorite (Front Double Biceps) !!! I NEVER, EVER thought I would be motivated enough to get my body to look this way, or that it was even possible, especially when I was 250lbs with no weight loss in site (or even motivation to do so). Here is proof that it is possible with dedication and MAKING time to make your dreams become reality!

Another good one - Back Double Biceps. Seeing more definition in my back! Working it hard every time is paying off!! More definition to come and fat to melt!!!!

Front at beginning (204 lbs) OF #Shred2017, and today 2/15/17 (191 lbs) - WOOT WOOT!! Definition showing everywhere....OH YEAH!

BACK - at beginning of #Shred2017 and Today 2/15/17 - Here come's the definition....YESSSSS!!!!

And last, but certainly not least (because there is NO least in fitness), this is the SIDE at beginning of #Shred2017 and today, 2/15/17 - LEAN MACHINE!!!!!!


We are going to have to arm wrestle for dominator status now! :-D


Great job DW, keep it up and inspire others like Scott does


So, I noticed the workouts that I have repeated I have not burned as many calories as the first couple of times and are easier...  I don't wanna increase the weights... :((((  @scott_herman  Whats my motivation?!  lol.  

I never increased weight this quickly...  I did have fun doing some 40lb hammer curls yesterday.  I was looking in the mirror like...    


maybe you should incorporate my cheast and recover method to push yourself a bit harder?  also.. AWESOME meme.. I love that movie STRIPES


Had a GREAT Shoulder workout (thanks Scott for those words yesterday, gave me that push I needed).  Went up heavier in almost everything.  Pictures below though....hahahaha, dont really show my shoulder pump....more like triceps and chest....which I havent worked in a few days....hahahaha.

Single set

DB Shoulder Press

4 sets

Super set

Lat Raise             

Upright row

3 sets

Giant set

Underhand Press with EZ bar

1,1,2 Front Raise

Rear delt raise

3 sets

Super set

Standing Shrug

DB scat trap

3 sets

Single set

Sagi 6 way

2 sets


muscle are looking good man!!!  already seeing nice cuts coming in!!


Starter is goats cheese breadcrumbs stuffed mushroom.

And for main. Cod fried with one calorie spray oil,  oven cooked chips and mushy peas