CIRCUIT-A: 15 Minute HIIT Total Body Ladder Beatdown! #SHREDCHALLENGE

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If you want to bulk and stay lean, instead of having a rest day you are going to perform this 15 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) routine! All the exercises are bodyweight only and you can do it anywhere! This is also a REAL TIME workout so all you have to do is press play on the video and following a long with me!


This Routine Requires:

  1. Timer
  2. Bodyweight

List of Exercises:

EXERCISE           Jump Squat        Push-Up To Rotation             Star Crunch           Plank Jack

Round 1                60 seconds              60 seconds                      60 seconds          60 seconds

Rest                                                              45 seconds

Round 2               50 seconds              50 seconds                    50 seconds             50 seconds

Rest                                                              45 seconds

Round 3               40 seconds              40 seconds                     40 seconds             40 seconds

Rest                                                              45 seconds

Round 4               20 seconds              20 seconds                    20 seconds             20 seconds

Rest                                                              45 seconds

Round 5               10 seconds               10 seconds                      10 seconds              10 seconds

Remember, when doing this routine, workout at your OWN intensity.

  • This means if you cannot perform as many sets and reps as I do in the video, do as many as you can.

IMPORTANT: Remember that your MEAL PLAN will determine 100% of your results! Be sure to check out the 8 minute demo for the MS Meal Plan.

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haha dude you wern't  joking ..i could just about scrapr through 1 set then i was on the mat dying haha

ill have pick my pride up off the mat and build up my endurance each week 


Loved it! But if I can't do a push-up quite yet what can I do instead... I just did the rotation part with the occasional attempt

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

can you do the push-up on your knees?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@xris haha. That would be my suggestion as you work up to real push-ups then my bro!


Ok. Day 2 of PPL.  This is most definitely a step up from home shred. But, this is more what I've been looking for in a workout program. Scott, you hit a grand slam with this one. 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@jamiem yeah man these are next level intense!! Can't be making it easy for ya 😉 Just wait for the circuits to come too.. you haven't seen anything yet!!


Things to do and not do after this workout


- Stretch out.

- Catch your breath.

- Curse Scott for making you do all those star crunches.

- Drink guzzle your protein shake and banana.


- Attempt to descend a flight of stairs.

- Reach for glass on a high shelf.

- Throw objects at the screen Scott was on.

GREAT routine Scott. Kept up with you this time!

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@stemjeff lolol love this man! It's brutal I know, great job keeping up! Think you can get ahead of me next time? 😏 

STEMJeff Edit Delete

@scott_herman The huffing and puffing was real at the end. But #goals it is! I will do my best next week!


How many calories can we expect to burn with this routine ? As someone who's 165 pounds and 23 years old.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@ameofonte I'm not sure bro, you would need to get a fitbit or some kind of watch that tracks your calories burned for that.. but it doesn't really matter.. if you are trying to lose fat you just need to adjust your daily calories accordingly so that your weight is dropping, and vice-versa if you're trying to gain muscle!


Curious. With this whole week thing, what's the feeling of maybe doing a 30 minute cardio on HIIT days.? I mean in addition to the work out at home.  Would doing this make you burn more muscle or would it stick to body fat?  Asking because after first week, I've not really lost much at all.  Think I've gained tbh though I'm kinda bloated after the weekend so...... 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@forward_focus.. one week isnt enough time to see big changes my dude!  but you can certainly add some cardio after circuits.  You can even run through the circuit TWICE if you can handle it!


this one was a KILLER, man I failed a couple of times on the 50s and 40s ones, ( 60-20-10 was clean) but it was sick, even tho in the AC and a fan nearby , I was sweating like a river afterwards !

Love your workouts man !

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

That STAR CRUNCH.... Killer right?


Dude, this looks great!  I'll give it a go.  I've been doing battle ropes lately for the first time.  Man, they are awesome!

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

haha, well get on it @hawk_given.  Cheat and recover is NEXT!!!


hi Scott, Circuit A when I have to do it.?and how many times a week?

Cheffy01 Edit Delete

I feel so dumb!!!🤣🤣👍🏼  thanks bro !!


Day 2 of the PPL program and this one   is crazy good insane!!!