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Looking to increase your MAX BARBELL BENCH PRESS? This routine begins with the PIN-PRESS which is an exercise that will increase your strength at the sticking point of the barbell bench press which is the bottom of the movement. It is important that you take the time to train with unique exercises like this if you are looking to continue to break through plateaus. Once complete we are going to go right into the high volume portion of the workout to focus on building muscle and we are going to end the workout by destroying your ABS!

This routine is designed to give anyone a great workout at the GYM.

This Routine Requires:

  1. Bench
  2. Cables
  3. Barbell
  4. Dumbbell

List of Exercises:

                          EXERCISE                                Sets            Rep Goal              Rest

Barbell Pin-Press                                                 5               7, 7, 6, 4, 3          2 - 3 min

Barbell Wide-Grip Bench PressAMRAP             1                  20 - 30

Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press                         4                  8 to 10              60 sec.

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Extension            4                  8 to 10              60 sec.

Dumbbell Fly (On Bench)                                   5                  8 to 10              30 sec.

Reverse Pulldown                                               5                  8 to 10              30 sec.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise                                      5                  8 to 10              30 sec.

Leg-Lift / Knee Raise                                          5                  20 - 30               30 sec.

Psycho Crunch                                                    5              20 per side           30 sec.

IMPORTANT: Remember that your MEAL PLAN will determine 100% of your results! Be sure to check out the 8 minute demo for the MS Meal Plan.

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Is it ok to use the machine for the fly instead of the dumbbells? 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@evanpogue yes that's OK! You can make changes where needed. Do you not want to use the dumbbells for a particular reason?

evanpogue Edit Delete

Yes, I play baseball and just really don’t feel like messing around with my shoulder, as it is quite sensitive. 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@evanpogue fair enough. Really if you do dumbbell flys properly (doing the movement over your chest, not over you shoulders) and warm-up sufficiently, you won't have any shoulder problems. But if you don't want to do them that's up to you. I can understand why 😊 If it is quite sensitive though, maybe doing a bit more mobility work would be helpful for you.


Hi, I can't do the BB bench press because I have a undiferentiated wrist arthritis. In push-A I did a regular dumbbell bench press. What should I substitute the barbell bench exercises with here?
Really? week1 month 2 is 6 days in gym??? :D 

Fenistoteles Edit Delete

@rixrax The more you work out the more your body adjusts. Training the same body part twice a week is awesome!

RixRax Edit Delete

@scott_herman Thanks for reminding me to try again. I'm now smarter and more confident than the last time I tried. I discovered that I actually can do bench press now. Wrist hurts but it can handle 4 reps with 20kg on both ends. With more it would get questionable wether the level of wrist pain is healthy. Now that I have skipped BB bench press for the entire first month should I start learning the pin-press in Push-B or should I start with the regular bench press?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@rixrax stick with the pin press. You were still working through a full ROM without the pause while doing the dumbbell bench press, so now it's time to try something different with the pin press and improve your pressing power from the bottom position.


Hello Scott! I decided to start this program instead of the C&R because I felt I would have lack of equipments, and I also don't have a spoter, which makes me think I woudn't be able to put 100% of the weight I can lift in the exercises! I have two questions

1) Do you think 2 exercises for triceps can give a good volume? Please don't take it as a critique, I'm just wondering if I could add one more exercise or if it's already a good volume!

2) I will start on month 2, because I'm already an advanced lifter. Is it ok to do the barbell bench press instead of the pin press? Because I dont have this equipment in my gym

Scott_Herman Edit Delete


1) If you are up to using the B routines in MONTH 2, you are training everything twice a week and getting 18 sets total for your triceps, along with all the other pushing movements so it's definitely enough volume my friend 😊 

2) You can do a regular barbell bench press during MONTH 2 yes. If you can, in MONTH 3 when you are using the A and B workouts, do a regular bench press for one session, then a pause bench press for the other if you don't have access to a rack to do a pin press (not even a squat rack?).


hey @scott_herman

for Barbell Pin-Press I have that equipment but it is too low to do it unfortunately, should I do it with smith machine so I can adjust it to make the barbell higher than my chest at the bottom of the movement or should I do a normal barbell shoulder press ?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

yeah the smith machine is ok!  Use whatever you have available!


Hey Scott,

Slap me if I am wrong.  For push B you are showing to do Reverse Pulldown's.  You are also showing to do Reverse Pulldown's on Pull B.  Should the Push B be Reverse Pushdown's?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

check out the video.. the exercises just happen to have the same name... but for different bodyparts 😁 


my right shoulder starts hurting when doing the seated dumbbell triceps extension, its like as if there is a bunch a pressure and it makes it very uncomfortable, also happens with bench press sometimes. Any tips? 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@chrisalta94 you need to make sure you are retracting your shoulder blades. If you're not packing your shoulders, that's usually what causes shoulder pain.


hey Scott,

i have just finished month 1, and in my gym there is no way I can do this Barbell Pin-Press. Would you please suggest me another movement instead, Thanks. @scott_herman

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@wuguiwudi if you can get a spotter, do a pause rep instead. Obviously it will be a lot safer with a spotter if you don't have the racks to catch the barbell in case you can't press it back up. If not, just continue with the regular barbell press for your heavy sets.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@wuguiwudi yeah! You just have to work around some things 😊 


Hey Scott,

I've been doing Back bis/Chest tris/Legs shoulders 6 days a week for months now and am looking to switch it up. Would you suggest this routine or the bodybuilding routine (my chest is seriously lagging) for a more advanced lifter? Also, do you do two days of rest in row here? I'd be worried I'm not hitting all my muscles with enough frequency. Thanks.

dennison4110 Edit Delete

Can I sub the Pin Press with DB flat press? I have a bad shoulder that makes any flat barbell press difficult. Same question for DB flies and subbing that with Cable flies/Machine fly. 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@dennison4110 you can, yes. Feel free to adjust things as needed, that's how my programs are designed. The other thing is to work on improving your shoulder mobility, if that's what the issue is. If it's an old injury that you don't want to make worse again, I can understand that.. but if it's simply a lack of mobility, you'd be better off trying to fix the problem if you can 😊 Also make sure to always pack your shoudlers/retract your shoulder blades with any chest movement, because if you don't, that's what can cause shoulder injuries.


Hello scott!! 

Latly I’ve been watching a lot in your fabulous videos about muscle growth, and you always teach that if we want to see a real muscle growth we need to hit the muscle  at least two times a week or even more in some cases, so if Im doing now a push pull legs program, how can I fit in another bicep workout in the right way? Or any muscle  that I want to build and give more attention too.

I just want to add that Im training 4 times a week doing a regular ppl split plus another push/pull workout. for example, one week I do push pull legs+push 2 and in other week I do pull 2..what is your opinion about that?

Thank you!

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@mozes2323 hey man! You could do some extra bicep workout when you train legs, just so long as you have at least 24-48 hours inbetween your Pull workout and your leg workout so that your biceps can recover properly. You could also do triceps or shoulders or something like that on your leg day as well - smaller muscle groups in addition to legs can be a good idea to give them more volume.

I think your split is OK, but I would hope that you have basically a 3 week circuit, so that you do push, pull AND legs twice in one week at some point? So after you've done a week with Push x 2, the next week you do Pull x 2, and the week after that you do Legs x 2, and repeat, right? Your other option might be to do a PPL split for 3 workouts, and then the 4th workout could just be full body?

Mozes2323 Edit Delete

Thank’s Scott! 

My 4 workout can also be hand’s workout? (Biceps+triceps)

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

Sure can, if you want to hit them again!


Hi Scott my name Hien. I've been on this Push-Pull-Leg for 6 weeks and still working on it. It's a very good program and I love it. However I've stopped doing Leg days since Month 2 due to my left knee injury from soccer. What would you recommend? I can't bend the knee all the way in nor straight it all the way out.

If the DB Overhead Extension doesn't work out for me what would be the best substitute? Also I hurt my right wrist so  what would be best for the long head of triceps other then reverse pulldown?

This might be a dumb question, I know the program is for building muscle but should I expect to lose some fat also? At least that's what I want to do but I want to build muscle at the same time. I'm 5'4 weigh 158 and about 22% BF.

One more thing, I've stayed on the same weight since starting Month 2 and some days I have to go a little bit light for I feel weak. May I hit the plateau? If so then that's weird because I don't see much change in my body.

Thank you and I hope hearing from you soon.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@vuhq hey Hien! I think first of all you should go and see a professional about your knee to make sure there isn't any serious damage. Then you need to work on some rehab for it so that you can get back to leg training! 😁 

You need to make sure you are keeping your wrists straight when you do exercises like the DB overhead extension to avoid wrist injuries or wrist pain. If you can't do it with a dumbbell, try skullcrushers or an overhead hope extension instead.

You can lost fat with this program for sure. It all comes down to your diet - if you want to lose fat, you need to be in a slight calorie deficit. Have you been to the @mealplan page to use the calculator yet? If you have stayed at the same weight all through MONTH 2, you must be eating at maintenance. You want to eat a little less if you want to lose fat! Of course it also depends if you are a newbie or not.. if you're a newbie, you can eat in a surplus so you gain muscle AND lose fat - how long have you been training?