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Today we are going to be focusing on Chest, Triceps, Shoulders & Abs. To begin, you are going to work on increasing your bench press strength and then go right into the high volume portion of the workout to focus on building muscle. It is IMPERATIVE that you follow these rest periods perfectly. The short rest periods are going to be vital to keeping the intensity high throughout the entire routine. Be sure to drink lots of water and give every set EVERYTHING you’ve got!

The SHREDDED 12 Week Transformation Challenge has BEGUN!

This routine is designed to give anyone a great workout at the GYM.

This Routine Requires:

  1. Bench
  2. Cables
  3. Barbell
  4. Dumbbells

List of Exercises:

           EXERCISE                                     Sets                Rep Goal              Rest

Barbell Bench Press                                  5                  7, 7, 6, 4, 3            2 - 3 min

Barbell Bench Press AMRAP                     1                     20 - 30

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press             4                      8 to 10              60 sec.

Dumbbell Skull Crusher                             4                      8 to 10              60 sec.

Low-To-High Cable Fly                               5                      8 to 10              30 sec.

V-Bar Pushdown (or rope)                          5                      8 to 10              30 sec.

Incline Dumbbell Rear Fly                          5                      8 to 10              30 sec.

Ab Pulldown                                                5                        30                  30 sec.

Deep Crunch / Decline Crunch                  5                        20                  30 sec.

IMPORTANT: Remember that your MEAL PLAN will determine 100% of your results! Be sure to check out the 8 minute demo for the MS Meal Plan.

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hey guys , whats the rest time between reps? i did the first rountine ( chest,shoulders...) tonight and kept to about 30 seconds between each set of reps if thats right? 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@bazza82 the rest periods between sets for each exercise are beside the exercise names, just a little to the right my bro 😊 So you can see it's 2-3 minutes for the first movement, 60 seconds for the second two, and then 30 seconds rest between sets for every other movement.

bazza82 Edit Delete

@scott_herman Yea my bad dude, i totally got it muddled up and did 7,7,6,4,3 reps x5 with 30 second breaks between each rep :S hahah 

I think im good now though ;P


I'm a bit confused about the weight I should be lifting for each set in the exercises in the 4/5 set exercises. Am I aiming to increase the weight every set or aiming for the weight I can lift for 10 reps for 4 sets without changing weight? For example: say my max for 10 reps on the shoulder press is 12.5kg dumbbells, am I doing 4 sets of 8-10 reps of 12.5kg or am I starting lower and working up? Thanks for your help.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@eoixreix if you can lift 12.5kg for 4-5 sets of 10 reps, you should start heavier, maybe 15kg, then lower the weight or do rest pauses when you can't get 8-10 reps for a set. If you can lift the same weight every set and not have to use momentum or lower the weight towards your lasts sets, it's not heavy enough! Did you see the video I released this week? I explained this exact concept 😁 

EoixReix Edit Delete

@scott_herman I see that makes alot more sense, and yes I did! cheers for your help :)


Are there any alternatives or adaptations to Incline Dumbbell rear fly and deep crunch/incline crunch?  The gym I'm at doesn't have any of these .  I used a bench lifting the back rest to an incline and used that for the fly's - hard though as the back rest kinda makes you face plant!!  The deep crunch, I had to just do knee raises instead.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@robf76 I'd stick with using the incline bench for the rear delt fly if you can.. maybe just stand up more/bring your feet forward so you have as little of your face on the bench as possible haha. But if you REALLY need to, you can just do the reverse fly either while seated with your upper body bent over your knees, or standing. Instead of the deep crunch, you can keep doing hanging leg raises, or maybe try a reverse crunch.. with a resistance band like I mentioned in my video a few weeks back if you can, to really smash those lower abs!


The start of this workout jumps right into you hitting 225 for the first 7, what do you do to warm up before you hit that kind of weight and what kind of reps are you hitting before you jump into your first working set of 7.

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@justin9464 I do about 3 warm up sets first. Start with the bar (15 reps), go to 135lbs (10 reps), then 185lbs (6-8 reps) typically. You don't want to max out your reps on the warm-ups, just keep them fairly easy to warm into the movement pattern. I do that and shoulder warm-ups like shoulder breakers, arm circles etc. I suggest you do something similar with the shoulder warm-up and then at least 2-3 warm-up sets before your working sets start too.


Hey Scott I'am about to start doing this amazing program. Do you think that is the right one if i want to gain some weight because i am 21 years old, 194 cm tall and just 85 kilograms so i am kinda worried. And also do you think i could add exercise to it such as dips and stuff nothing to special.
Thank you!

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@norki this will definitely help you pack on some muscle bro. You can add in exercises or swap some out if you want/need to, sure. If you want to be doing dips for example though, maybe just try Cheat & Recover, and do some overloading and super heavy dips. That will be like a whole new world of gains! Are you a newbie to lifting?

norki Edit Delete

Kinda yeah, I've been going to gym for the past 2-3 months but nothing too serious 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@norki OK awesome. So if you do decide to try out Cheat & Recover, just make sure you run through MONTH 1 as a beginner without the cheats.. either that, or if you think you might need to work yourself into that intensity and volume, just run through the 12 weeks of this program first, then move onto Cheat & Recover.


Quick question - in the program - bench press, squats etc where it’s 7,7,6,4,3 ...do you use the same weight for the whole set or lighter for 7 reps and heavier for 3?? 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@robf76 as you said - lighter weight for 7 reps compared to the weight you use for 3 reps. You should be aiming to increase the weight with each of those sets. As the reps get lower, ideally the weight should get heavier.

Robf76 Edit Delete

ok cool, although using light weights - though at my maximum...I’m using one weight for the 7..then add weight for the 6, and more for 4 and 3...though taking AGES to get through 5 sets of removing and adding weights - getting angry looks from people!!!

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@robf76 as long as the weights are challenging, you are doing it right. And it shouldn't take too long really.. you are resting 2-3 minutes between sets and it should only take 1 minute to add more weight to the bar 😁 If people want to use what you are using, just tell them they can jump in in-between your sets!


I am starting this program this weekend. In terms of weight selection for exercises like the bench press, should I be working to failure on every set? In other words, should I pick a weight that will likely cause me to fail after 7 reps on the 1st set? Or should I go lighter and leave a few reps in the tank? And one more related question: If I fail to reach the set/rep goals using a particular weight, I assume I should use that same weight again the next time I do that workout?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@peterprov the first set should almost be a warm-up.. it should be challenging, but not to failure. Picking a weight you think you can do 8-10 reps would be ideal. Then your second set of 7 should be more like a set where you can only get 7-8. Then keep increasing the weight from there to challenge yourself. Yes if you can't get the reps one week, keep the same weight for the next week. Increase it when and where you can, and if you need to, get a spotter for some forced reps 😁 


Although says 'intermediate'..where can i find a beginner muscle builder plan?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@robf76 you can use this as a beginner if you like! Or you can check out the Cheat & Recover program and run through that as a beginner first - https://muscularstrength.com/cheat-and-recover

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

just download the calendar.  MONTH 1 is where beginners should start!


Hello, i have been training for about half a year now(180 cm, 65 kg) and have earned some gains. I was wondering if i should choose the PPl or the 5 split program ?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@isaksolem after training for a year and a half, do you know what kind of training you respond better to? If it's more frequency, go with PPL. If it's more volume, go with the 5 Day Program. Or you could hit the new Cheat & Recover program when it releases!

Isaksolem Edit Delete

But which plan will i have the most benefit from, if i am looking for fast gains

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@isaksolem well, all gains take time my friend. But generally you'll see 'faster' results with this PPL split, because it has more frequency.


Must the exercises be done in this specific order? My gym is small, but has a lot of members, which means there is often wait times for certain equipment, especially the cables. Also, how long should a set take? I've recently heard that a 12 rep set should take 45 seconds to complete. What are your thoughts on that, and how long should the sets in this routine take and/or program?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete

@garkan if you can't do it in this exact order, that's OK. These programs are designed so you can make changes where needed. Just move onto a different exercise while you wait for the equipment you need. Set times will vary depending on your tempo. About 45 seconds for a working set is right. As long as you are controlling your negatives and getting a good stretch and flex, then don't worry too much about the exact time each set takes.