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Location: Bloomington, IN Gender: Female Neck: 13 in Chest: 36 in Goal: Gain Muscle Forearm: 9 in Hip: 33 in Age: 56 Calve 13 in Shoulder: 39 in Height: 5'3" Arm: 13 in Waist: 27.5 in Weight: 118.6 lbs Thigh: 21 in Body Fat: 18%
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I am 49 year old mother of three daughters and a grandmother of one. I have been married for 29 years. I let myself get obese and out of shape in my early 40's. I had never been overweight before then. I decided to change that in 2010. I have lost 80+lbs and started lifting weights in 2012 after I had lost approx 75-80% of that. I started lifting heavy weights and getting serious about it in January 2013. I started building up my own home gym and I now have a 300 sq ft home gym. I have never been to a public gym or had any outside training. I learned from videos and articles from people like Scott Herman. I love lifting weights, sprinting up hills, & punching a heavy bag. I also love to dance :) I'm not positive on the bf%. My husband uses calipers to check it and I don't know how accurate it is but I can at least tell if it changes.

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