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The Super Beginner Workout!

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Starting your journey into the amazing world of fitness does not have to be intimidating. These eight exercises will both challenge you and get your body ready for the more intense workouts that lie ahead. If you have a friend, try doing this routine together! Remember, fitness is about obtaining a greater health, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Enjoy!

This routine is designed to give anyone a great workout for AT HOME, OUTSIDE, or at the GYM.

This Routine Requires:

  1. Using your body weight

  2. A stable surface to hold onto

List of Exercises:

  • 15-20 reps

  1. Hang-Squat

  2. Hang-Lunge

  3. Elbow-To-Knee Crunch

  4. Push-Up into Push-Up Stabilizer

  5. Standing Leg-Raise

  6. Standing Calf-Raise

  7. Karate Man

  8. Leg Stabilizer

NOTE: Timestamps are available for each exercise in the info section of the video when watching on YouTube.

  • Rest 45-60 seconds between sets

  • You can change the order of the exercises

Remember, when doing this routine, workout at your OWN intensity.

  • This means if you cannot perform as many sets and reps as I do in the video, do as many as you can.

There are a couple different ways you can do this routine.

  • You can perform each exercise for 1 set and then start over. (Complete the circuit up to 4 times)

  • You can perform each exercise for 4 sets before moving to the next exercise and the workout is finished once you perform the last exercise.

  • You can superset 2 exercises, take a 45second to 1minute break and then superset the next two. (A superset is when you do two exercises at the same time, one right after the other until you complete 3 sets of both exercises)

  • This routine can be done every other day.

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