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Hi Scott_Herman 

I missed this challenge and can't seem to find the challenge from the start, is this information still available as I'm desperate to do my own 12 week challenge.


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Sorry I meant the time table for it, thanks.


Sorry I'm a little late!

The picture on the left is me on January 1st at 185lbs, and the picture on the right is me from April 1st at 183lbs. In February I was down to 178lbs, but then gained a lot more weight in the third month. 


I didn't start lifting until I was about 17 (3 and a half years ago). I did it because I was enlisting in the Canadian Army, and I needed to pass the fitness test. The requirements were 19 push-ups, 19 sit-ups, a grip strength test, and a cardio test. I was barely able to pass, but succeeded nonetheless. After being recruited, my basic training course and infantry course whipped me into shape pretty quick. I was somewhat lean at 165lbs. After becoming a qualified soldier in the Canadian Infantry Reserve around fall of 2014, I stopped being actively fit. I was only working out once or twice every week, not giving 100 percent and not eating right. 

By summer 2015, I was living in Ottawa and there was a Recreational Center nearby, free to use by military members. I took advantage of it, and began working out there about 3-4 times week. Still, I was not doing my research for proper form, and wasn't eating healthy. 

Fall 2015, I started working out in the gym at my college, and because I was in better shape than most people in my class, a few of the students asked me to help them start working out. Soon enough, I came to realize that I had no idea what I was doing. Literally, all I did was 2 "upper body" workouts a week, and a B.S. leg workout once a week, unaware of specific muscle groups. 

December 2015, I began to think about how I should start training my abs. After finally doing some research online, I came across Scott Herman. I came for the Boston accent and charisma, but stayed for the insightful knowledge about working out and nutrition. After New Years, I made a resolution to get in top shape for countless reasons. I started working out 5-6 times a week, targeting the proper muscles on the appropriate days. In February I started to really watch what I was eating. I stopped drinking so much soda and eating poptarts, and switched to water and protein-rich cereal. By the end of February, I signed up for Muscular Strength and began to participate in the Shredded 12 Week Challenge. A hardship of gains, but damn was it worth it and now I love doing it. I feel so good about myself and my friends have really noticed the change in my physique. 

This isn't all about my story regarding the shredded 12 week challenge. Although it was a big part of it, this was my overall story with discovering Scott Herman. Scott, you and your community have helped me in a way I cannot be too grateful for. This has changed my whole lifestyle and I have so much to look forward to now. Because I have done weeks upon weeks of research, my knowledge relating to fitness, nutrition, and health have skyrocketed. My plan for the future is to hopefully go on deployment through my current career in the military. But now that I have taken such a strong interest in this lifestyle, I think I might one day become a personal trainer. I love this community, the activity involved, the benefits, and the whole concept of it. Now it's time to keep doing what I'm doing, and represent the Hermanation! 

Hermanites train harder.


Contest Start: 144.1 lbs

Current: 136.8 lbs


This challenge has influenced my life by creating concrete goals to follow.  When I entered this challenge, my goal was to lose around one pound every week.  Even though the progress is slow going, the consistent results are exciting to see.  I don't want to lose weight quickly.  I would probably bounce back to my original weight once the challenge is over.  This challenge has helped me with consistency and that will prove to anchor my progress as this challenge continues in my life.

Mysituation has been an steady increase of weight over the last fiveyears.  I would be at 140 lbs give or take five pounds.  thenI would be 145 lbs give or take five pounds.  Then I would be at150 lbs give or take five pounds.  Then I would be 155 lbs giveor take five pounds.  Then it was going to be 165 lbs give ortake five pounds the summer of 2015 after I graduated from college. This had to stop.  This challenge has helped me tosteadily go back to the weight that I was before.  I don't wantto continue on the path of weight gain.  That path would havedire consequences.

Iremember distinctly looking at my back a year or two ago andrealizing that I had back fat rolls.  When I had the mirror outand was staring at myself in disbelief, my stomach twisted up and Ifelt disappointed in myself.  I always thought that my bestfeature was my back and now it was quite pathetic.  My pant sizekept going up over the years, and when I sat down the number of rollsin my stomach kept increasing.  The challenge has helped me todecrease my size (pant size and belly rolls), tighten my form (losethe back fat roll), and develop muscle (from my long term "musclememory") .

Irecently finished a good anime series called Soul Eater.  Thebeginning of every episode starts with a quote from the maincharacter Maka saying, "A sound soul dwells within a sound mindand a sound body."  This challenge has helped me to achievea positive attitude about progress.  I see gains every week thatI work out.  I am in control of what I eat every day.  Thishelps me to keep the will power to continue and to recognize myachievements so far in the challenge.  

Fitnesswouldn't be a part of my life without my husband.  It allstarted with my husband.  I did diving, while my sister swam,for a season in high school which helped me to build my core muscles. Later on I did crossfit for a couple of years with my husbandwho was then my boyfriend.  It was hard but the results werereally neat.  I did workouts start to finish no matter how longit took.  I was tough and fit, which I realize now that I tookfor granted at the time.  I never really had the best body imageof myself.  I did not know what I had at the time because I wasso caught up in my least favorite part of myself which were (andstill are) stretchmarks that I acquired in middle school.  WhenI got married I started working nights on the weekend and went toschool during the week so I didn't work out.  I didn't care whatI ate, and I was tired most of the time.  School stressed me outwhen I was attending a dental hygiene program.  Now that I'm outof school and working normal daytime hours, I started working outagain with my husband.  He is the reason I work out.

NowI am on a journey to prevent musculoskeletal disorders resulting frombeing a full time dental hygienist.  Dental hygiene is rankedamong the top "unhealthy" jobs.  What I want more thananything in this world is to retire comfortably from work.  Myfitness journey is necessary so that I can have the quality of lifethat I think that I deserve.  The only way that I can achieve mygoal of retiring in a healthy state is to take care of myself.  Ihave started a challenge that will continue to push me everyday tobecome and sustain a strong and healthy individual.  When Ireach a weight that I am happy with, I will turn around and buildmuscle.  I think that this challenge is the perfect start to ahealthful journey.  

Ihave gone from being 144 lbs to 137 lbs in the last three months.  Ifeel better about myself.  I have gained confidence.  I ammoving forward in a positive direction that will continue after thechallenge is over.  Having healthy habits is an essentialfoundation for success.  This challenge is where I am buildinghealthy consistent habits for my future of fitness.  Thank you.

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Well, this was very inspiring Alanna! I am very happy that the challenge has not only helped you but also changed your attitude towards fitness and I am sure you will not bounce back to your previous situation. Now its a challenge that you have started yourself, staying lean and fit and healthy. 

Way to go! And I appreciate the time it took to share your story  


Before: 192.7 lbs

Current: 173.7

When I first decided to enter the shred challenge, I didn't think I'd notice much of a difference in only 12 weeks.  Seeing everyone's transformations along with my own, I've seen that 12 weeks is plenty of time to make drastic changes to your well being.

This challenge has helped me learn to keep on track with goals.  12 weeks may not sound  like much, but it's easy to feel like you're not getting anywhere until you look at your weekly pictures and measurements.  That pound or two here and there adds up  very quickly!

Since January, I feel much healthier in general, both mentally and physically.  It finally feels like I've gotten my diet and fitness goals on a sort of "auto-pilot".  I'm excited to make it into the gym and try to set new Personal Records on my lifts and I'm not stressing about my diet.  Flexible dieting and intermittent fasting has helped me lose weight without "feeling" like I'm on a diet.  I'm still able to eat all the foods I enjoy and still reach my goals.

Mentally, having exercise and diet down to a routine just gives you a few things less to worry about everyday.  I'm able to focus more on work and family while still working towards my goals.

I would say my current journey is just beginning.  I don't really care about being the strongest or the fastest person in the gym.  I'm more so excited about becoming a better version of myself.

I'm planning to continue tracking and taking weekly photos of myself to see results even after this contest is over!

Best of luck to you all!

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Impressive transformation Ryan! It really seems like you have followed the challenge to the point. 

What I am really happy about is that this is not just a 12 week challenge for you. It is just beginning. And this was always the original purpose of the challenge, to help people get on track with their fitness lifestyles.

Looking forward to seeing more photos in the future!


Hey All!

So lots of people have bugged me for progress photos, so, finally, here they are.

First, I wrote a long sob story of why I'm doing this Transformation in the last photo contest. :-) If you missed it, and feeling utterly bored and want a story, feel free to check it out in the comments here. It includes lots of fun details, photos and other exciting and wondrous things. What I'm writing below is what has transpired since the last Photo contest. 

The 3 months have been great and I’ve really increased.

Physical Improvements:

  • First Deadlift was 155, this week it was 275!
  • First Barbell bicep curl was 50lb, I’m doing 60lb now.
  • First Lat pull-down was 85, I’m doing 110lb now.
  • First Seated leg extension was 105, I’m doing 140lb now.
  • First Seated Calf raise was 70lb, now I’m doing 140lb.

So I’ve definitely gotten stronger.

I think the biggest thing that this 12 week transformation has done is given me confidence. Before I didn’t know what the hell I was doing with free weights, and now, well I still don’t, but I know more, and the last few weeks I’ve slowed-down on trying to do heavier, and now trying to do right form. So I’ve gone down in weight on some things, but I think Im doing them right.

As per form, squats and deadlifts are still giving me a headache. I think I almost cracked deadlifts, but squats still need improvement. I lose balance when I squat, so I tend not to go so far down... or, then I go all the way down and my ass hits the ground and I wondering if I'm just going to sit there... Maybe the weights too heavy?

Hoping I win the challenge @scott_herman, I need to fly out there and you to teach me properly. 

Emotional Improvements:

One of the reasons I did the 12-week is to get some order in my life. I was having family problems and looking for work as I had been laid-off. So I needed structure and to let out my frustrations in a productive way (read control freak).

Honestly, emotionally it has been hard. Some days I do really good, and some weeks, when problems with family pop-up again, it’s really hard to lift anything. BUT I KEEP AT IT. I do every exercise, and I do it everyday (except one exception when I was at a conference). I tell my body what to do, I don’t let it tell me.

One thing I did, was I got my brother who has caused a lot of my family’s problems, to come to the gym with me. It’s helped mend some fences, and help me hang-out with my rebellious pain in the ass brother in a way that is somewhat beneficial. It’s also good to see him in pain after working out, and I push him. He has also pushed me. Not all’s fixed, but it’s something.


I have run across some roadblocks. I have had weeks when I have had no energy, which impacted what I could lift. Of course working out with my brother makes timing between sets impacted, and I don’t get as much cardio in (I usually did extra than the plan).

I also had a conference SXSW Interactive I was at for 6 days. I had some dream I’d work out and do it, that dream was silly. But I think I needed the break, as I was really exhausted during my workouts before. I got to eat some junk food and not care about it.

Honestly, I miss Cardio... Now that we're doing weights everyday, I don't have the energy for cardio except the one day it's schedule which is a rest day. 

I've had some physical injuries too. My left shoulder just is crap. It definitely is the weak link, and by the end of days I use shoulders, it's hurting. I have tried giving it time to heal, and then it feels good, until I use it again, and it hurts again. I've tried putting heat on it, muscle cream, everything. I don't want to screw it up long-term. Thoughts on it? It definitely limits what I can lift. 

Hands, I have hands of a rock monster now. All calloused up. And those callouses cut into the deep tissue and hurt. Okay, okay, I'm a computer nerd. I type for a living. I'm not used to farmer's hands, even though I grew up on a farm. Any recommendations?


Food has always been a struggle to me. I don't think I eat enough. The days I eat the plan, I feel like I ate a house, and feel horrible. I wish there was a simple way to eat the right stuff, and feel like I am still a human.... 


As you can see, the photos show the transformation, but honestly i”m not happy with the photo I have now. I took last week off for the conference, and as a result, I can tell I had more definition last week than this week. Should have taken the photos then. This week I also have felt like I retained water, so a little bloated. You’ll just have to true me I am better than I look. And dude, I'm saying I feel bloated. Do guys say that? embarrassing. 


I’ve been exploring what to do next. I still want to gain weight, but also want to shred, and shred. I’ve been thinking about trying out a ketogenic diet. I’ve read some wild stuff on it. Any thoughts on it? One site even recommends taking insulin shots so you get into ketogenisis in hours not weeks. scary… While I’ll not do that (nor should you) I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on the diet.

So I hear @scott_herman is working on a summer shred challenge next, I’m all for it! But Let’s gain muscle and shred!

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Well Mark, before I say anything else, thank you for taking the time of sharing your story with everybody, sharing your photos, sharing your progress!

You have definitely made progress, that's for sure. You have realized that weightlifting is a science and there are a lot of details about each lift hiding in plain sight. Squatting for 3 months doesn't mean you re an expert on squatting, as you've already understood. But this is why I am here, to help you better understand the world of fitness and make sure you keep making progress. 

As for the ketogenic diet, its just another way to eat, similar to IIFYM or Intermittent Fasting. Each method has its merits and disadvantages, but at the end of the day, what matters is your macros and your calories.You can experiment with each diet to see which one is easier to follow and fits your lifestyle.

Keep working hard, I m very eager to see more progress photos from you  

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your defiantly making progress and besides eating and training all the time the most powerful thing is your mind if you keep that strong then you will have no problem getting the results your looking for especially on those bad days. Keep grinding and working hard 


I have come to not only thoroughly enjoy this challenge but embed it in my lifestyle.  The changes it has made, the significant reduction in back pain, added mobility, and virtually unbelievable increases in energy has allowed me to do so much more with my life and my family.  The physical changes friends I've made at the gym have noticed and family have been inspiring to some and jaw dropping to others.  I give out Scott's URL so much I should have a stack of business cards... lol (I'm dead serious I probably give out the URL at least twice a day). 

Lets get the before and now pics out of the way.  

I love (and my wife loves) that I can now see abs.  

Fats deflating and leaving skin in in its place.  Now if I can just get the LOVE HANDLES to go away!!!!

Been blown away by how my back has grown and the pain has gone away.  Between 2013 and now I've had 7 back procedures in the Thoracic area - T6 and T7 for crushed nerves.  The burned out 2 nerves but I was still tight and my back would lock up.  This program though has provided strength and this group and @scott_herman introducing me to Foam Roll Stretching has removed almost all the pain.  I know that I will have to stretch from now until I am dead to keep it as pain free as possible but I am OK with that.  

Calve shot again just for Scott - these boys are shredded!

My fat loss is slowly getting there ... as I've said before I knew going into this I wouldn't be 6 pack shredded in 90 days but I'm very very happy with the success I've had this far.  I am very confident that when I hit the 6 month mark for this challenge - I am not calling the Shred a 90 challenge as I took it on for the entire year, that I am going to be blown away by the transformation.  And at the end of the year - watch out cause I'll have better abs than Scott! (OK maybe not!)  The knowledge that I have gained!! I spent years trying to get a grip on healthy food and understanding macros but it just never clicked.  A short simple video by Scott on it, a few chat conversations and bam - MIND BLOWN! 

Used to be on weekends we'd stay home and do absolutely NOTHING! Why? Cause I was tired, lazy, and just didn't want to.  Now we go out to nature trails, fishing, camping, hiking, museums, and I am getting to do activities that I didn't think I'd be able to do, like participating in the Guinness Book of World Records largest Toy Gun (Nerf) fight - which was AWESOME!  My physical changes have even started to inspire my twin brother to get up and get outside and start doing things with us.  Which, if you have read my past posts know that this was a huge challenge.  

My parents passed away and it was my wake up call to not live with regret.  To not let me family or my kids have me ABSENT from their lives.  Between Scott, this program, and this amazing community that is now a solid reality.  

Some of our recent outings include Heard Wildlife Preserve, Perot Museum to see the Dinosaurs, Fishing at the lake, going to the park multiple times a week after I get home from work, trips to the dog park, nightly wrestling matches on the floor, and so much more!  

Heard Wildlife Preserve - most proud of this as we managed to get my TWIN outside. I am 2 minutes older than him.  


To all the friends I have made and to all those that have helped, continue to help and inspire me I say THANK YOU! Y'all are the best.  Keep killing it! 


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The difference in the back pain and mobility is night and day. I've learned it's not just a shred and get ripped challenge, at least not for me. To me it is a better way of living life and having fun do it. My family benefits from it. Example today we're out at the lake

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Ok Gerald, I have to say this was extremely motivational, for me and anybody reading this. 

First of all, amazing progress. I mean..tremendous progress! I am very glad you decided to continue with the challenge for more than the original 12 weeks. 

Secondly, way to go on solving your back pain issue. Creating balance between muscle groups, and strengthening the secondary stabilizing muscles does help a lot.

Keep up the superb work, and keep posting progress pics!


Hi Everyone,

This is my first entry into one of the 3 challenges, so here goes.

Here is me the day before I hit the gym to start the challenge in January; next to what I look like now.

So whats my fitness story? Well its been an on again, off again kind of thing. Over the years I've often hit the gym or done regular exercise, getting plans and sticking to it for about 8 or 9 weeks at a time before I felt life got in the way and my motivation to focus on my fitness got lost, then I'd repeat the cycle only a couple of times a year. And my main motivation was to look good and feel good, to gain confidence in my skin. 

That reason, that motivation, to go to the gym completely changed a little over a year ago, the reasons why I go to the gym are now entirely different. The causes are pretty personal, so I wont be going into detail. But now I go to the gym not to look better or feel strong, but instead its a kind of mental therapy for me. It's a space where I can forget about whats taken place outside those 4 walls and it gives me total focus on lifting that next rep, to set a goal for myself to lift that 2kg more. So even though I'm working really hard at the gym, it's like a breather for me. And with that, the result is I am in a much better place than I was a year ago. Believe it or not, exercise does have a positive impact on the brain and your emotions, I was recommended to get back into it because of this, and it really works.


With every gain I make, I accomplish something, with every hour and a half spent at the gym, I'm not focused on my problems. It started with only those 30 seconds or so doing a rep and now I can stay focused for hours. And with that as my motivation after a few months, a long came this 3 month challenge. (I'm glad by this point I had already been subscribbed to @scott_herman for a while!) 

I had already completed 8 weeks of a plan set by a personal trainer which helped me gain some of my core strength back which had been lost, but I wanted to set myself a new goal and importantly challenge myself. 

I'm back at that motivation again, with every goal I reach, every challenge I succeed at, I'm not distracted, I gain focus and I feel better, and this impacts my life overall. And that's why I've stuck to it for around 7 or 8 months now rather than my younger self who couldnt stick to it for more than 9 weeks.

So I'm not here to win prizes (if I do, that's a bonus), I'm here to challenge myself, if I can stick to this for 3 months, I complete new goals every day, with a big goal at the end. These arn't lofty goals, its just showing up. Show up and get it done.

The pay off is, physically I'm getting in much better shape, I'm trying to gain "Lean muscle", so I'm eating loads every day, of clean healthy foods. I'm sure I could get bigger faster by eating way more junk, but I'm really happy with my progress. The biggest hurdle with the challenge is simply time, 6 or 7 days a week of 90+mins at the gym plus an 8 hour day job, makes free time a no no right now, prepping meals takes up any of that. But this is part of it, I set myself a goal of completing this challenge and I am determined to do it. And that's how I intend to proceed once this particular challenge is done, I'll set myself a new one, it might be something less time consuming, but exercise will always be that mental breather for me, those few seconds of pure clarity and that's why it will stay part of my life.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best of luck!

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Thanks man, going to hit it hard in this final week and try to look my best for the weigh in :)

It's definitely a commitment, but i'm really glad I've stuck to it.

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The photos speak for themselves, Richard! Super amazing progress.

This challenge has motivated you and now you are motivating others (myself included) by sharing how it motivated you. Amazing.

I understand that  time is a problem but its a commitment, as everything serious in life is. 

Keep up the hard work, and keep posting photos!


Hey Guys and gals participating in this 12 week shredded challenge!!  Hasn't the last couple of months been great?  I know it has been for me.  I was kinda stuck in a fitness rut at the start of this winter.  I was going through the same old, same old routines and my progress had staled.  I felt like a built up SS Camero with the pedal to the metal but my wheels were just spinning (that analogy was just for you @scott_herman  ).  I knew I needed something to shake things up a bit to wake up my body and start making gains.  There are a TON of people out there willing to help but which one?  I've been following Scott on Youtube for awhile and have used some of his routines in the past.  So when I saw that he was doing a 12 week shredded challenge, I knew I HAD to join to give my body the change it so desired.

How has this challenge affected my life? Well, It has motivated me to be in the gym at LEAST 5 days a week.  With a busy family life and a demanding job as a power plant tech, sometimes my gym time gets put on the back burner for a day.  I found myself getting really bummed out if I missed a day at the gym.  That has never happened before.  Motivation level has been through the roof with this challenge.  My Diet has been ON POINT (for the most part) and I've found a BUNCH of different recipes and meal ideas on this site.  One Saturday morning I made some of those Delicious protein pancakes for me and my boys while Mommy was at work...Needless to say, they were a BIG hit!!  I get requests for them even during the week for "breakfast for dinner days" LOL!  My scale weight hasn't moved much in the past couple of months but I can see the difference in the mirror and how I feel overall.  At this point in my fitness journey, I'm good with that   

My physique has changed by getting rid of a little bit of fat around my mid section (belly and lower back) and muscle gains in my back, legs and shoulders.  I can really see and feel a difference in my hamstrings/quads and my upper back and shoulders.  I feel like strength gains have been through the roof.  I feel the most strength gains are in my deadlifts because before this challenge, I never really did them before.  I worked with mostly body weight and dumbbell routines before I started this challenge.  

My Fitness story begins like most other stories you've heard about or read. I was in my mid thirties, married, 2 kids (boys 7 & 4), mortgage, college educated, military veteran who smoked, drank to excess and ate like an overweight teenager. I stepped on a scale and couldn't believe what I read, I was 210 pounds and chubby. I'd never been chubby/husky/fat before. My nickname growing up was "Bones Jones" (no relation to the famous UFC badass Jon "bones" Jones  ) so for me to have a big belly was kind of a shock.
Two and a half years ago I decided that I needed to do something about this. I wanted to Figure out a way to loose the weight and keep it off. I decided to try P90X and loved it!! It was nice to have something to look forward to everyday when I got out of work. I did the 90 days and decided I wanted to do another 90 days. Accomplished that goal...on to the next!! So I've done all of the P90Xes (1,2 and 3), some insanity and then some body beast. After doing Body beast a couple times, I realized I really like lifting weights. Body beast was all I knew about lifting so I realized I needed to broaden my horizons a little.  That's were Scott Herman Fitness comes into play.

My fitness journey is never ending and ever changing.  I have A LOT of goals to strive for and I hope to be a great role model for my two boys.  I want them to grow up Healthy and Happy and I want to be there to see them get married and have a life of their own.  I want to be able to chase my grandkids around and wrestle with them on the floor like I do with my kids.  A good friend of mine from high school has a little girl who suffers from a disease called Chirari Malformation.  It's a brain disorder that extremely painful and requires multiple surgeries over her lifetime (there is NO known cure).  At the age of 7 she's had 4 or 5 brain surgeries already.  He has formed a group of folks called "Ava's Avengers".  We try to spread awareness of this disease and have fund raisers in her name.  One of the ways we do this is through Spartan racing.  We pick the toughest races as a way to represent her journey through life.  When life is painful and when you want to give keep putting one foot in front of the other and press forward.  I'm the Northeast division Captain so I help get things going on this side of the country and he handles things on the west coast (he lives in Vegas).  This year I'm going all in and competing in several races in her name, the tougher the better. My plan is to travel out to the famous Lake Tahoe and compete in the Spartan world championships with a bunch of other Ava's Avengers at the beginning of October 2016.  It's a 13+ mile race up and down the mountain with over 30 obstacles on the way.

Keep Kick Butt everybody!! 

Me in December before the Challenge Me this morning before heading off to work

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Oh and nice reference at the beginning  

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I definitely agree with the guys above, Jarrod! Your progress is inspiring!

I am glad you were able to find the time to exercise every day, and I can actually see that you followed the diet to the point. The results speak for themselves.

The original purpose of the challenge is something that people could do for 12 weeks, but now its so much more. If you are happy with your progress you can stick to it for as long as you want!

And of course dont forget to keep sharing photos!

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great story you have really been progressing in positive way and you seem to have a very determined attitude once your giving a goal. Good luck with all those races and love the quote put one foot in front of the other. keep progressing and best of luck :)


Hey fellow community members. (Or whoever reads this) and Scott

This challenge is kicking my butt, but I am loving every second of it. I do not what to re peat what I had put in my other post but I might repeat some stuff so please bear with me. I will state that to this date I have been working out for 78 Weeks now or around that, (September 2014 to March 2016) and I loved every second of it. And plan to have many more years to come in the fitness world.

Every day that I go to the gym for this challenge I am so psyched to crush it if it is a push, pull, legs or anything else. One thing I love is how I keep going up in strength for example, the first time I ever did a deadlift back in January, I could only lift 115 Pounds (Of course I was really proud of myself at that time) but the most recent time I did it I did 205 pounds and felt like I could lift more but my sets were all up but next time I will crush it even harder. I have quickly discovered that deadlifts is my most favorite compound exercise to do. The funniest thing is when I started to workout I was scared to do a deadlift or squat and I had no idea why, but for some reason this challenge pushed me to give them a shot, maybe it had something to do with that I could win some crazy prizes or maybe I get motivation from this community or you @scott_herman. That is one thing that this challenge has affected my life.

My physique has changed dramatically. Let’s get started on my core. My core was not in the worst shape, but I did have some abs showing but now I can really start to see my 4 or 6 pack showing. (I always thought that I had a six pack but I might be wrong). Then prior to this challenge I was one dumb gym goer, because I thought leg lifts and decline sit ups would give me defined abs, but I was 100% wrong. Now I do ab pulldowns and the deep decline crunch and those crazy phcyso crunches. I never knew that I could work on my obliques and now they are really showing and loving them. And the final thing I will talk about is my legs. I have so much more strength in them now. Let’s start off with my thighs, before this challenge I was doing max 110lbs on the leg press (maybe a little more), but the last time I did the leg press I did 340 pounds. Another thing my legs are starting to turn into tree trunks, no more twigs.

This challenge also affected me mentally in so many different ways. Let’s first talk about my gym life. First thing is that I was not really pumped to go to the gym prior to this challenge, but I still wanted to get ripped but some days I got to the gym I had to motivate myself sometimes. Some things that really gets me motivated now are my previous work out of that day and see how I am going up in strength in matter of weeks and then ready to conquer it even more. Also the progress I see my muscles growing. The next thing is how before I use to be self-conscious about my nose, (because it is pretty big), but sense staring this challenge I do not give shit about it anymore because I am getting big everywhere else. J

My fitness journey now is a bit different than before. The first thing is, I started to actually care about my food intake, like the healthy and unhealthy food. Another thing is I never switched up my workout, so let’s say I never added exercise or changed up the order of nothing and never kept track of my lifts but of course now I do. For example, one exercise I fell in love with real quickly is the box jump, I never attempted it before, only saw people doing it in the gym, but know I love doing it and cannot wait till the next day to perform it and will be sure to add it to my work out after this shred, just like all my other favorite exercises from this. (So 95% of it)

When this 12 Week Shred is done I plan on continuing doing deadlifts and squats and of course the bench press and try to get into the 1000 pounds club before I turn 21, which is a little over a year and half away, but I know I can achieve it (I hope so). Another thing I will be doing is to switch up my work out every two – three months. Another goal of mine is to be 200 pounds of muscle in my lifetime and sustained that weight. One final goal of mine is to enter in some contest, I am not sure yet ones to enter, because I know nothing about them but I do plan on learning about them.

Thanks for reading this whoever did, and sense you did read it you will get my motivation to finish this month and kick it in the ass. Good luck every one and keep pushing it, even if you are too sore to move the following day but in the end it will pay off. Take Care and good luck.


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@scott_herman thanks i plan to continue :) and i owe it to you

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Really great progress and story Thomas! Thank you for sharing with everybody!

Your core looks insane in comparison to 3 months ago. Squats and deadlifts are amazing exercises and I am glad this challenge helped you try them and stick to them.

Of course the duration of the challenge is 12 weeks but that doesnt mean you cant stick to it for more than that. 

I look forward to seeing more progress pics from you!


This year has been one hell of a roller coaster for me. At the beginning of the year i was due to be married on May the 26 2016. But for some reason at the start of the year i found myself packing a small bag on my way to my mums. Everything seemed pear shape. 

We need a break i was told. The break will do us some good i was told. What about the kids I asked. You can some and see them anytime it will only be 2 weeks. 

I started my new job as a PT self employed so I went from living quite a part time life to now things being quite full on 55 hours a week as now i had to grow a business. 

This Shredded challenge has been the backbone at the moment to whats been going on in my life. It has kept me focused everyday knowing i have a workout was like a stress relive pill.  Unfortunately me and my wife to be have broken up and i had all my stuff moved out and now i't back at my mums. I see my kids every other weekend and because i started working in the gym doing 55-60 hours i'm making the most of all the time i have to keep my head in the game for myself and my kids.

They are my fuel to succeed I have made incredible progress mainly mentality because wow has this year felt like a pressure cooker but im slowly letting out the steam and cherishing every moment because i don't know what the future holds and i have to let go of my yesterday because I can't let it affect my moment.

So i workout daily and meditate to ease the tension the world others and give back as much of my energy so i can find balance it what was once my home. Now i'm creating a new home starting inside myself. 



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Big Thank You Scott your a massive inspiration and glad i jumped on your program i learned allot. Especially Rack pulls there amazing, defiantly going to start adding them to most back workouts. I need to start getting serious with my youtube if there are any tips on the best way to elevate myself to the next level I would love to hear it. I would feel privileged to have you as mentor even just having email support 1-2 month and when i get anywhere close to my dream you will be the first person i will fly over to see to give you a personal shoutout for being there during the journey. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Thats an impressive physique Zycco! Even before the start of the challenge! But I can definitely see the hard-earned results!

Interesting turn of events with your life though. I am glad to hear the challenge has helped you concentrate and focus more. Thats the best way of achieving anything really.

Keep pushing it to the max and dont hesitate to share more progress pics in the future!

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hahaha thank you so much bro. You have made great progress too bro we will both inspire someones elses journey with our transformations thats the goal