Mud, Sweat & Tears! Adventure Race Training! (FULL PROGRAM)

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The best way to train for adventure racing is to follow a routine that will challenge your strength & explosive power, cardiovascular endurance and your will to push it until the very end. This four week program is designed to do exactly that. Ideally, you should perform some of the routines outside to replicate the conditions of an actual race, but if that is not a possibility, you can easily perform the program at your local gym.

All you need is timer, barbell, some weights and a few light dumbbells.

Are you ready to take your training to the next level and accomplish one of the most physically demanding and rewarding experiences of your life? Let’s get started!

**SPECIAL NOTE: I will be uploading individual videos for all of the timed circuits so we can do them together and once uploaded they will be available for platinum members on the WORKOUTS PAGE. Be sure to sign-up to our newsletter to be notified once these videos are available!

Week 1- Day 1 Tabata Circuit (10 Minutes)


I would add a lot of more running as that is one of the main conditions to get a good time in a race. . Preferably trail running and intervall training to get the speed up. But the excersises are good otherwise


Will you be doing this again @scott_herman ?

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

yes but hopefully next time in Florida!! 😀 


Still can't do pullups - kills the ribs but I made it through this ... using this 4 week program to get back some endurance and flexibility ... good run through.  I'll be sore! 

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

@gmdgeek that is great man.. I am sure you will forget all about the pain before you know it!


@scott_herman  when you upload the full clips I will make sure to do these even though I will not being the race but I like to push my self to my limits and more. can  not wait. it is just like waiting for Christmas, but instead of Santa Claus 😉 it will be 😈Satan Herman😈 who will be deleviring are success and gains instead of gifts, wait you are doing that as well with all off your giveaway stuff. credit to @peejay95 for the great joke.😀

Scott_Herman Edit Delete Close

hahahaha @thomas0896, you crack me up man!!  I can't wait to see you upload videos of you doing the workouts!