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What should I look for in a protein powder and what's the best for me?

By Scott Herman in Supplements · Published

A powder packed with protein, and little else.

Avoid powders that are also filled with carbs and fat. Generally the powder should have between 20-25g protein PER SERVING.

Some well-known, trusted brands are Optimum Nutrition, BSN and GNC. A powder with BCAAs is a good option.

The 3 types of protein powders are: Whey or Casein protein - produced from milk, or Egg Protein. These can be mixed or individual. 

For post workouts and/or immediately before your workout (within 30-45 minutes), aim for a fast acting and digesting protein (whey followed by egg). 

A slow digesting protein like Casein is best well before your workout (1 hour+) or before bed.


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