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Close-Grip Bench Press VS Weighted Dips

2 Best Supersets For Building BIGGER TRICEPS!


Posted by ColossusFitness - January 11th, 2017

If you want to build BIGGER & more POWERUL triceps, then you should definitely be utilizing SUPERSETS.  This is because supersets allow you to pack a lot of volume for muscle growth in a shorter amount of time due to the increased muscle fatigue.  But not all supersets are created equal and different supersets will increase muscle fiber activation in different parts of the triceps.  Remember, the triceps are made up of three muscles, the lateral head, medial head and long head.

Now even though supersets can be done at any time during your workout, just keep in mind that if you’re performing a superset that consist of harder movements, you should do those more toward the beginning of your workout to maximize the benefits from them.

With that being said, my friends Josh and Kyle over at Colossus Fitness and I are going to share with you our favorite triceps superset for maximum growth and if you missed our last collaboration about BICEP SUPERSETS, be sure to check it out!


For your first superset, you’re going to combine the close-grip bench press and the triceps rope extension.

  • 8 – 10 reps per exercise
  • NO REST between exercises
  • Rest 60 seconds MAX between sets

To begin you’re going to start off with a heavy close-grip bench press. This is a great exercise to start your triceps workout with because it’s a compound movement and targets all three heads of the triceps.


Lay on a bench like you were toperform a traditional barbell bench press. Once in place hold the barbell with a shoulder-width grip and unrack theweight.  Next, lower the barbell to yourtorso while keeping your elbows tucked in throughout the entire motion.  Remember, just because we’re using heavy weightdoesn't mean that we can’t do them with proper form!


As soon as the barbell touches yourtorso, return back to the starting position and repeat for reps.


As soon you’ve finished all 8 repson the close-grip bench press you’re immediately going to perform the triceprope extension. Your arms are going to be sore and pre-fatigued so you may wantto use a slightly lighter weight than usual. Also, with this exercise we’re going to be focusing on conventional formby way of bringing your hands down straight with your palms facing in ensuringthat you’re placing a bit more emphasis on the lateral head.



To perform this movement properly you’re going to attach a rope to a cable machine.  Next, hold it with your palms facing in and retract your shoulder blades.  Once in place begin to push the rope down until you reach a full extension.  As soon as you fully extend your arms, return to the starting position and repeat for 8 repetitions.


For your second superset, you’re going to combine the dumbbell skull crusher and overhead barbell skull crusher.  So, make sure you grab both a pair of dumbbells and a barbell before you get started.

  • 8 - 10 reps per exercise
  • NO REST between exercises
  • Rest 60 seconds MAX between sets

Now like I mentioned in the beginning you want to utilize supersets that contain harder movements first but when it comes time to finish off those triceps, here is what I want you to do!


To perform the dumbbell skull crusher you’re going to lay flat on a bench while holding a dumbbell in each hand with your arms fully extended and with your palms facing in.  This movement will target all three heads of the triceps, but because your palms are facing in, you will activate more of the lateral head.

Once in place you’re going to lower the dumbbells to the sides of your head by bending ONLY at the elbows.  You want to keep the movement of your upper arm to be as MINIMAL as possible.  This is because keeping your upper arm vertical is going to place you in the best position to train your triceps the hardest which is why you will quickly notice how difficult this exercise is to perform with heavy weight. As soon as you lower the dumbbells as low as you can, return to the starting position and repeat for 10 repetitions.


As soon as you finish all 10 repetitions you’re going to drop the dumbbells and grab your barbell and then lay back on the bench.  However, this time you’re not going to keep your upper arms vertical.  You’re actually going to bring them to the sides of your head so that as you lower the barbell, it’s bottom position is UNDER the edge of the bench.  Performing this movement this way still targets all three heads of the triceps, but as you will soon notice, it places a much greater emphasis on the long head of the triceps.   Complete all 10 repetitions with a full extension while always keeping your upper arms by the sides of your head and as soon as you finish you’re going to rest for 60 seconds and then complete your next set.

So if you want to maximize your gains and absolutely destroy your triceps for the ultimate pump and maximum muscle growth, complete 4 sets of this superset at the end of your next triceps routine!

Special thanks to Colossus Fitness and as always, more good stuff coming soon!

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