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Struggling To Grow Your Chest?

Not Anymore!

By David Messick Published 

The program you use along with your form are extremely important when training chest. The biggest thing I can tell people looking to grow their chest is to focus on creating that mind-muscle-connection! IT’S NOT ABOUT THE WEIGHT YOU MOVE BUT HOW YOU MOVE THE WEIGHT. “How much do you bench?” You hear this question all the time like you’re supposed to have a strong bench to have a big chest. Don’t get me wrong guys, getting stronger is important, but your form is more important. You don’t have to lift a ton to build your chest!



Sometimes people struggle to find that mind-muscle connection when they’re starting with their heavier compound chest exercises, so I recommend pre-exhausting your chest first. Start with something light like cable flys or push-ups. When you do something that is light, you’re really able to isolate the chest and fill it full of blood. This is getting those muscles primed for your bigger compound movements like your flat/incline bench press. Once you have it pumped, isolated, and focused on the mind-muscle connection, you will know what to target on your compound exercise and where u want to really feel the set.



Set Up On Your Bench

When you’re setting up on your bench, make sure you have your shoulder blades back against the bench and your butt is planted creating a slight arch in your lower back. Drive your feet into the ground, and slightly turn your dumbbells into about a 45 degree angle. This set up is going to allow you to be pressing with your chest and not using only your front deltoids (shoulders).



Hitting All The Angles

When you’re really wanting to build a full, well-developed chest you need to be hitting all angles of the chest from a flat bench, incline, and even a decline position. In this workout we hit flat bench, 2 variations of incline bench, and dips targeting our lower chest. How you set your flys up as well will change how you sculpt your chest. Make sure you’re changing it up from time to time and hitting cables and dumbbells in a flat, incline, and decline position!




Growing a chest isn’t rocket science! Once you figure out how to train it with proper form and finding that mind-muscle connection, you’re going to start seeing results. The biggest thing you need to do is be consistent and be patient. I promise you that if you keep at it the right way the results will happen!


Remember to always check that ego because IT’S NOT ABOUT THE WEIGHT YOU MOVE, BUT HOW YOU MOVE IT! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more content! @Natty_gainsfitness YouTube/NattyGains

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