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4 BIG Reasons To Stay NATTY!

Stay Away From The DARK SIDE!

Posted by TimeIsMuscle - December 1st, 2015

Don't Be Discouraged

There are always going to be people out there that are quickly discouraged when they don’t appear to be making the gains in the gym they desire. This negative feeling can come down to a number of things, such as genetics, poor diet, injuries, or a strong misconception of what realistic goals are as a natural lifter.  This negative feeling and insecurity can often lead to frustration and anger, causing many people to turn to “the dark side”, or what others know more commonly as the use of Anabolic Steroids.

The Misconception of Making Gains

Usually, the people who turn to “the dark side” don’t understand or acknowledge the time it takes to make solid gains in the gym. Whether the goal is to build muscle, increase strength or lose fat, every path is a journey, and it takes longer for some people than others.

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The Media & Marketing Influence That Leads People To “The Dark Side”

Magazines, bodybuilding federations, and some familiar YouTubers can influence people, and even convince them to turn to “the dark side”. These organizations and personalities are a BIG reason that many people become confused and ignorant about how to make gains naturally. The huge guys on the front of popular fitness magazines are idolized by so many fans and gym goers. Some of these same fans and gym goers often get tricked into thinking that looking like a 300lb jacked, vascular dude with 24 inch arms, is a realistic goal. As a result of failing to achieve this unrealistic goal, they then turn to “the dark side”.

Four BIG Reasons To Stay NATTY!

  1. Maintain Positive Physical Health
    Maintaining your physical health is essential for your personal well-being. Heart conditions, kidney problems, and acne are just a few symptoms that could occur from the use of steroids. Your body is therefore likely to hate you for indulging in an anabolic steroid cycle. It’s not cool to die young, so look after your physical health.

  2. Maintain Positive Mental Health

    Maintaining your mental health is also essential for your personal well-being. When you are on drugs you become a different person. You think different, you act different, and in some cases this kind of mental behaviour can lead to fatal consequences. A smile is always better than a frown, so be happy and don’t poison your mind with drugs.
  3. Maintain Solid Gains

    The quick fixes may give you fast gains, but you are kidding yourself if you think that they are easy to maintain. The drastic changes for example in your strength, endurance or appearance will fade fast as a result of coming off a cycle, so don’t waste your time or money. If you make your gains naturally, you may actually find them easier to maintain, and you'll find a sense of satisfaction when achieving your goals as a natural athlete with no special help.

  4. Be A Positive NATTY Role Model

    It’s important to be someone that even you yourself would be proud to look up to. Your positive energy and persona will rub off onto others. This will improve your friendships, relationships, and your general way of life. Just like Scott's way cooler to be NATTY.


Natty gains are always going to take time, but it’s the journey that makes you stronger, both mentally and physically. Please don’t allow yourself to be lured over to “the dark side”. The satisfaction of achieving a new PB or goal NATURALLY is the best feeling you will ever have.

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Good stuff! Anabolic steroids definitely mess with your head and can lead to deep depression. Gotta stay NATTY!


Natty for LIFE man!!!! You know it!


Fantastic article Jason.  As someone who used anabolics for 4 years when I first started training seriously, I can understand the lure.  Now that I am much older and have been training for over 27 years 100% natural, I can see how much better I look and feel and appreciate my health more.  The beauty of training natural is your genetics already know the biggest and most symmetrical size you can achieve.  When you use anabolics, this is all over-written and is why you see guys with huge upper bodies and small legs or visa versa.  Natural bodybuilders always have the true symmetry found in nature and discovered by the ancient Greeks and Romans and reflected in their statues.  The key is consistency, proper training, and solid nutrition.  

Yes, some people are more genetically gifted and will achieve larger and/or more aesthetic physiques but EVERYONE can build the perfect physique based on their genetic code when they train naturally and support their training with rest and nutritious foods.  Very rarely does man do anything that improves upon nature.  Drugs push the human physique beyond the millions of years of evolution and fine tuning it already has in the human genome.  Ironically, in times of famine it would be the oversized guys with single digit body fat that would die first :-)

TimeIsMuscle  Edit  Delete  Close

I am glad you enjoyed this article @jmboiardi and Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope more people will absorb this message.


Good read Jason.  It definitely is a journey but so worth the hard work knowing that we are achieving our goals naturally.  Yes, I get discouraged with the slow process but that is why those old photos make me feel better and motivates me to keep pressing on! 

It's unfortunate that people would ever  want to look up to those that take's not reality! 


a great article to read, as for me, the only thing im gonna take is protien and maybe creatine, but thats about it as far as something to assist me with in my training, i wouldnt want to take any steroids cause then i wouldnt be able to appreciate all the hard work i did to be as strong as possible with out it, i may not be as strong as Scott or any of the greats that are on here, but i want to be stronger that what i was a week ago, i want to beat my own PR, that would make me happy , to surpass myself and push thru my weak points, and to do all that with my own strength and without the help from steroids. that is my goal , that is my dream!

sdavis  Edit  Delete  Close

You took the words right out of my mouth!


Broccoli, kale, collard greens and Brussels sprouts are known to naturally stimulate testosterone production.  Also, reducing the belly.


I am going to be honest here.  I lift for power and physique.  I am natural and intend to stay that way.  That being said, comments like the dark side and calling someone a cheater is offensive even to me.  The personal choices others should never warrant comments like cheater.  How are they cheating?  If they are not competing in naturals, then they are not cheating.  Just because a person juices doesn't mean they will automatically be jacked.  It is ignorant to think so.  They have to work their asses off just like everyone else.  

What if a guy is on hormone replacement therapy?  Does that mean he is cheating?  

I guess all I am saying is why give a damn about what the next guy is taking unless you are looking for new sups?  Is he hurting you?  Are his gains better and you are curious?

Steroids aren't a miracle pill you pop and pow, you are swole.  Anybody who thinks that should maybe consider putting away their prejudice for a minute and reading a book.  I guess I just get tired of people talking shit about what someone else is doing in the gym.  If you want to explain why avoiding recreational steroid use is healthy, then do so.  It doesn't need to be derogatory though.  If someone else wants to risk kidney or liver damage by taking roids, that is their prerogative.  Cheater though, really?  
Dark side, really?  So they are evil....really?

Teach people what is possible without, but don't judge people for choices that don't affect you.  That's like calling people with tattoos criminals or drug addicts just because they have tattoos.  Scott has a video about this exact topic.  Even Mike Rashid has a youtube video about the same topic.....

sdavis  Edit  Delete  Close

If you are on replacement therapy, and your levels are not above average, then you can compete as a natural.  That is by definition natural levels.  You can also be licensed by any state boxing commission.  Numerous UFC competitors are going through replacement therapy.  Some have gotten into hot water when their levels bordered high.  That is why they are tested.  There is a difference between replacement and "recreational", just like there are naturals competitions and non.  As far as calling someone a liar simply because you don't agree with how big he is, that's just weak.  I have heard it said about me before just because of how hard I work and the results I get.  If he can pass the test, than argue with the test, but making unsubstantiated accusations based solely on prejudiced opinion is bad.  You should look at Scott's videos.  He even has a video about this specifically.  

I agree about purchasing things like this from sketchy folks.  I'm not personally ok with anything that isn't prescribed by a doctor.  Some things doctors prescribe I am not ok with taking.  (chemotherapy for instance) I don't want my levels tested because part of me is afraid that they are low.  I don't want test replacement therapy or anything like it.  I feel like it will become a crutch, and I will be tied to it for the rest of my life.  Not only that, but I appreciate when someone asks me if I juice, or even accuses me.  It means I am achieving more than they are naturally to the extent that they assume I am juicing.

A little advice from an old man....well not quite old yet.....don't assume things about people.  That is kinda the definition of racism.  A simple life lesson, maybe realize that Mike Rashid swole and Scott Herman swole are achievable with the right macros, hard work and a scientific approach to training.  Just because it seems  too much to be natural doesn't mean it is.  Maybe what is unnatural is your perception.  Again, it is like assuming that I am a criminal or that I use drugs because I am heavily tattooed.  It's wrong.  It really is frustrating, especially when I am tattooing on a customer and they assume I want bags of pot for tips.  Why is it so hard for people to grasp that tattoos don't mean pothead.  Tip me cash.......

Please don't take offense to anything I say.  I am not trying to be argumentative or rude.  I am only trying to get people to see things from a different perspective.  It can be a volatile conversation sometimes, but it doesn't have to be.  Yes, help people to understand the potential damage they can do to their bodies, but never assume things, never accuse people or talk behind their backs, and like the first American currency said...."Mind Your Business".  So if Arnold juiced for Mr. O, what does it matter, as long as he did not lie and claim otherwise?  If it doesn't directly affect you, why would you really care?

Brolle81  Edit  Delete  Close

If you get a prescription for being super low on test fine still it´s not acceptable ot compete during that state i suppose. And Mike Rashid natty ? That is something I don´t believe in taken he is a lot bigger and shorter then say Serge Nubret . But never mind that. 

I don´t care what people do it´s up to every single one of them. But when in say my shoes and have 5-7 dying before their 30´s thanks to drugs you get negative about it some of them didn't even overdose but was given false stuff which caused their death. Therefor I state it´s stupid to buy stuff of someone that isn´t working with medicines (doctor or medical center) . 

sdavis  Edit  Delete  Close

Technically, your multi-vitamins, protein powders, amino powders, etc are all foreign substances.  Every time you take ibuprofen, it is a foreign substance.  It is a matter of what you choose to believe is acceptable, and what you are willing to risk.  If someone goes to his doctor, and his doctor diagnoses him with low t, is he still going dark side because he listens to the advice of his doctor?  If you don't agree with recreational steroid use, then don't do it.  It is the same as tattoos.  If you don't agree with them for whatever reason, then don't get the same time, it isn't right to attribute someone to evil simply for choosing something you yourself would not choose.

And @brolle81 try to have a little more faith in humanity.  Everyone is NOT juicing just before tests.  Yeah there may be the occasional asshole that juices, then competes in naturals anyway.  Hopefully karma or a torn pectoral will handle that, but to say everyone would mean literally everyone.  That isn't much different than racism.  Case in point, Mike Rashid won't compete in naturals because he says there is no competition for him there.  He is all natty though.

I would never condone someone lieing about steroid use, but I wouldn't pass judgement on them (for using....I would for dishonesty in competition....that's just wrong).  They aren't evil.  It doesn't make them bad people, and often times they are doing so as prescribed by a physician.  Whatever the reasons, it is none of my business, or yours, what someone else wants to supplement with.  Not to mention bro, assuming people are on roids is just asinine.  Ask @scottherman how often he gets accused.  I know it happens to me every once in a while, but typically they are too chicken shit to ask me to my face.  That and they are jealous of my natty gains that I bust my ass for in the gym and in the kitchen, and since they aren't willing to put in the same effort, they would rather just assume I'm using and talk about me behind my back.

To be totally honest though, I kinda like when people ask me what I cycle or what my secret is.  I usually just tell em broccoli!


Nothing ever is so important that you need to cheat to get it is my point of view. Second who knows  really what´s in those syringes or tablettes that you might buy from shady dealers. Sure you won't get olympia IFFB big ever but who cares. I´d rather have normal proportions and achieved it natty. Much more pride in that. 


I see a lot of people who, when they come of the juice, quit training overal. Probably because it's less "fun" when you are used to unnatty strength and gains. That is also a reason for me not to take steroids. I want to keep training and be motivated for the rest of my life.


Always going to be a natty. I have no reason to take drugs 

jcgadfly  Edit  Delete  Close

But still, exogenous testosterone (even at prescribed TRT levels means you've turned in your natty card.

Hawk_Given  Edit  Delete  Close

With all do respect @sdavis, If T-levels are low, then seeking help to be in a therapeutic range is what is desired to reach and sustain a healthy life-style.  I'm sure that is what you mean. Being prescribed testosterone when T-levels are low is closely monitored by a physician to ensure the patient stays within normal range.  Going above and beyond the normal levels/range is not optimum and causes greater health problems!

sdavis  Edit  Delete  Close

Unless maybe your doctor says your t levels are low, in which case can cause other medical complications.  At that point, strongly consider your doctor's advice.