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Location: N/A Gender: Male Neck: N/A Chest: N/A Goal: Lose Fat Forearm: N/A Hip: N/A Age: 43 Calve N/A Shoulder: N/A Height: 1.88 m Arm: N/A Waist: N/A Weight: 130 kg Thigh: N/A Body Fat: N/A%
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It all starts 1st January 2020 >20 MINUTES RUNNING 6 DAYS PERWEEK ITS HARD :) i do 3 minutes run with 1 minute walk to startup >The 12 WEEK SHREDDED TRANSFORMATION 6 DAYS PER WEEK Im188cm 130kg Will lose 25kg (alternatively preferred weight 108kg) Training kickboxing & musclarstrength fatloss 👊

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